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Helena Christensen: 'I eat like a pig'

The supermodel, who just turned 40, tells InStyle U.K. that she eats "more than anyone I know" and has had to step-up her workouts to avoid gaining weight.
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How's this for supermodel justice? "I eat more than anyone I know," says Helena Christensen. "I'm obsessed! [Food] takes up about 75 percent of my brain. I eat like a pig." But don't show up at her doorstep with flaming torches just yet: Christensen, who first found fame in Chris Isaak's steamy Wicked Game video, admits she's had to step up her workouts to make up for her eating habits. "I'm super lucky with my metabolism," she tells in the new April issue. Still, she adds, "I have to be realistic – that might not always be the situation. That's why I chose really intense training." As for turning the big 4-0: "Age in itself doesn't freak me out," she tells the magazine. "I'm in better shape than I was at 25 because I'm actually doing something physical." Her training, though, takes a back seat to her son Mingus, 9, with her ex, model/actor Norman Reedus. She adds that Mingus is truly the only man in her life – or at least her house. "I've never lived with any [man] except my son," she says. "I'm used to my own place, my own things. But if I met the right person, I'm sure I'd be like, 'Move in tomorrow, put your things everywhere.' " She'd also be willing to have a second child – if the right guy comes along. "I look at my child and think: if me and his father could create this, what else could you create?"