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Heigl’s husband stands by his woman

After bashing “Grey’s” writers, Heigl does have someone in her corner: her husband, Josh Kelley. “I’m always supportive of Katie, no matter what she does,” Kelley told Us Weekly.

There’s no shortage of industry insiders willing to weigh in on Katherine Heigl’s recent comments about pulling herself out of Emmy contention, and how much it angered folks behind the scenes of “Grey’s Anatomy.”

But Heigl does have someone in her corner: her husband, Josh Kelley. “I’m always supportive of Katie, no matter what she does,” Kelley told Us Weekly.

Hence, their recent photo-op/getaway to Cabo San Lucas. “We needed time away from work and industry hassles,” said Kelley. Kelley also has shown other signs of support in the relationship, according to the mag. He’s “learning how to do Katherine’s curlers … if you are wondering why my guitar sounds weird, it’s because I burnt my pinkie on the curlers.”

Recording is no longer a wonderland for John MayerWhy did John Mayer, who just embarked on a summer tour, tell USA Today that after the tour, “I’m not sure when I’ll come back with another record. I feel like I’ve done everything I can do with this set of tools”?

A source who knows Mayer thinks that he’s hedging his future commercial success. “He’ll always sell out a concert, but records? It’s tougher than ever out there. People are more likely to go to their computers to see whatever thinly veiled comment about an ex he just blogged about than they are to download an album,” said the source. 

Mandela bans Naomi

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Naomi Campbell’s air rage didn’t just offend the folks on her ill-fated British Airways flight. According to a source, her behavior “disappointed” Nelson Mandela, too. Enough so that Mandela, who is celebrating his 90th birthday with a concert in Hyde Park on June 27, reportedly asked organizers to remove Campbell from the event line-up.

A source close to the event told The Daily Mail, “The man himself intervened and she was pulled off the list. He was disappointed with her recent arrest — particularly as she was wearing a 46664 baseball cap at the time.” (46664 was Mandela’s prison number during his 27-year incarceration, and he uses the number to promote his AIDS awareness campaign.)

When asked about the un-invite, Campbell's spokeswoman told the Daily Mail: “Naomi had never planned to go to the concert but she has been invited as a guest to his dinner tonight.”

Hathaway’s ex: attention until the last minute
Just one day before his arrest, Anne Hathaway’s ex Raffaello Follieri was spotted eating at Michael’s by Glamour blogger Suze Yalof Schwartz. Michael’s is the opposite of where one would lunch if one were trying to keep a low profile.

Schwartz blogged that he “didn’t look that sad (about the breakup) or worried (about his impending arrest).” That was the extent of Schwartz’ interaction with the alleged con-man, but another person at the restaurant had this to say: “So interesting that Raffaello would select the media capital (Michael’s) for lunch. Obviously, he wanted to be seen.”

How is Hathaway holding up? A source close to the actress said, “At this point she’s numb. Nothing, definitely not a flashy lunch at Michael’s, is going to surprise her at this point.”