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Heidi Klum wins Halloween (again) with Michael Jackson 'Thriller' costume

Heidi Klum remains the queen of Halloween thanks to some inspiration from the King of Pop.

The supermodel unveiled her latest show-stopping costume at her 18th annual Halloween party in New York City on Tuesday night when she transformed herself into the werewolf from Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video.

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Heidi Klum (left) has done it again for Halloween by transforming into the werewolf from Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video.

"Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' video is so iconic and it is so fabulous that we had to redo that for Halloween so we're all learning this dance," Klum told Entertainment Tonight. "Obviously, I'm not as good as Michael, no one ever will be as good as Michael, but I really tried my hardest."

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Klum also had some friends dress up as zombies to complete the homage to the "Thriller" video, although she admits her dance moves aren't quite on the level of Michael Jackson.

Happy Halloween!!!! 🖤🎃🕷💀🦇👻

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It took a team of makeup artists from the studio ProRenFX seven hours to turn the 44-year-old mom of four into the werewolf, complete with prosthetic teeth and yellow contact lenses.

She documented the transformation on Instagram during the whole process.

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A post shared by Heidi Klum (@heidiklum) on

"Look at this madness, what is not to love?" Klum told Entertainment Tonight. "It's scary, people are dressing up, people are unrecognizable. So that's the whole fun of it, people dressing up!"

The werewolf is the latest amazing costume from Klum, who cloned herself five times for last year's Halloween bash.

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Heidi Klum (3rd L) reveals her costume during Heidi Klum's 17th Annual Halloween Party on October 31, 2016 in New York City.

Klum, who began her Halloween transformations in 2000, has also appeared as Lady Godiva, a body with no skin, an elderly woman and Jessica Rabbit.

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Heidi Klum has never disappointed with her costumes since her inaugural Halloween bash in 2000.

The pressure is already on for Klum to somehow top herself for Halloween in 2018.

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