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Heidi Klum wins Halloween again as stunning old woman

Image: Heidi Klum
Getty Images

Heidi Klum always pulls out all of the stops for her annual Halloween party costume, and Thursday the supermodel went old school. Really old school.

Klum pulled off a stunning transformation from fresh-faced 40-year-old to just plain old. Her look was accentuated by wrinkles and varicose veins and grey hair. The swimsuit model even walked with a cane and sat for a spell in a rocking chair at New York's Marquee nightclub.

Heidi Klum arrives for her 14th Annual Halloween Party in New York on Thursday.Mike Coppola / Today
Klum takes some weight off her tired legs at Marquee in New York.Mike Coppola / Today

Klum tweeted throughout the process of getting made up by her team of specialists, including Bill Corso and Mike Marino. She started by saying she was going "into the future" and later added pictures of her pre-wig bald head and then her realistically veiny lower legs and wrinkly knees.





Those legs! This was definitely not the body Klum brought to fashion runways over the years.


With her older look complete, and en route to the party, Klum delivered one simple tweet.


The "Project Ruway" host mentioned prosthetics which helped some of her joints appear to be bulging. But that didn't slow the old gal down later in the night as photographs showed her grinding up against the party's DJ, Questlove.

Questlove DJs as and Heidi Klum dances in New York on Thursday.Mike Coppola / Today

Klum's annual Halloween bash draws numerous celebrities and in the past she has outdone them all dressed as an ape, a cadaver, a raven and much more.

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