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Heidi Klum: Who has time to watch TV?

Heidi Klum’s busy life might not allow her to watch much TV, but she knows “Project Runway” fans will be glued to their couches on Aug. 20.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Heidi Klum’s busy life as a mom, wife and Emmy-nominated reality show host might not allow her to watch much TV, but she knows “Project Runway” fans will be glued to their couches on Aug. 20.

In just a little over three weeks, Heidi will take over her new network home — Lifetime — with the debut of season 6 of the fashion reality competition, a two-hour special preceding the season premiere, “Project Runway: All-Star Challenge,” and a new show about “Runway’s” beauties, “Models of the Runway.”

“No one better plan anything for Aug. 20, because it’s a marathon after marathon!” Heidi told Billy Bush on Monday for Access Hollywood and “The Billy Bush Show.”

However, Heidi admitted that life as a working mom — she’s currently expecting her fourth child — might keep her from watching her big night on Lifetime.

“With three children and a hot husband, who has time to watch television?” she told Billy. “I don’t even watch my own show to be honest with you. When I film it, I’m done with it.”

She might not have the time to tune in, but Heidi said working with “Runway” alums was a delight — and something she knows the fans will love.

“Bringing back all the fan favorites and doing a challenge with them was super fun,” she continued. “And they get a lot of money. The winner gets $100,000! They were battling it out!”

The supermodel-turned-reality star said she loves her new network.

“We’re very excited to be there. Lifetime has been a great partner,” she continued. “We just shot season 7 in New York already, which was also a lot of fun. So, we’ve done two seasons very successfully with Lifetime and they’ve been great and we’re very happy to be there.”

Heidi also said she’s been loving spending the summer at her own home with her three kids while waiting for the new one to arrive — along with husband Seal, who has been away for over a month.

“I’m in full bloom! I’m wearing a tent! I still have a few months to go,” she said of her pregnancy. “I haven’t seen my husband in five weeks, he’s going to say, ‘Hi, nice to meet you. Who are you? Where’s my wife?’ When you get closer to the end, you get bigger and bigger and bigger.”