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Heather Mills owes lawyers $1.5 million

Since Heather Mills started speaking out this week, her publicist has quit and the tabloids have taken new aim at her.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Since Heather Mills started speaking out this week, her publicist has quit and the tabloids have taken new aim at her. All the while, however, Mills insists that a settlement, which could total over $100 million, might have been avoided if soon-to-be ex-husband, Paul McCartney, had just admitted he was responsible for their break up 18-months ago.

In an interview on Thursday with “Access Hollywood’s” Billy Bush, Mills suggested that she would donate a large chunk of whatever settlement she receives from the divorce, to charity.

“If I’m to understand this correctly, when the settlement is over, 80 percent of whatever you get is going to charity?” Bush asked.

“Well, I can’t officially say that because then I won’t get it. Because the judge will say, ‘If you’re going to do that with it, you can’t have it!’ So I can’t say that,” Mills said. “I have, in my life, given 80 percent of my income to charity. I give all my books to charity.”

Due to the length of the nasty divorce, Heather told “Access,” she now is in debt.

“I owe $1.5 million to my lawyers,” she revealed. “Why is it that (if) someone is wealthy and keeps all their money, they are revered and if somebody gives it away and dedicates their (life) to charity work, they’re put down? What kind of world is that?”

Mills told “Access” she isn’t letting her messy divorce stop her from taking on another battle — with the tabloids.

Just today, the tabloids had a field day with her recent U.K. interview on GMTV, running headlines like “The Knife In Telly Tirade,” and “(Mills) On The Edge After Rants.”

“The press has the freedom to write whatever they want without consequences,” Heather said.

And she’s doing something to combat that — Mills is lobbying to change the European law, forcing journalists to be responsible for what they write. If they make a front-page mistake, Mills wants a front-page retraction.

“They are ruining my charities,” she said. “They’ve made it impossible to earn any money in the U.K.”

With what Mills claims is a lack of support from McCartney, why doesn’t she relocate to America? She was a fan favorite on “Dancing With the Stars.”

“Because even though Paul hasn’t been a good husband, he’s a fantastic father and a child needs their mother and their father,” Mills said.