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Hear Chrissy Metz's emotional new 'breakup song'

The singer and "This Is Us" star released the song, called "Actress," on Friday.
/ Source: TODAY

Chrissy Metz is back with another powerful new song.

The "This Is Us" star released "Actress" on Friday, and described the emotional ballad as a "breakup song."

"I love a good breakup song and I love the play on words," Metz said in a press release. "Obviously, I’m an actress, but we have all had those experiences where we put on that brave face when our heart is just broken, we act as if nothing is wrong even though you’re dying inside — wanting something so desperately you don’t have anymore."

"Actress" is the latest single from Metz’s upcoming debut album.
"Actress" is the latest single from Metz’s upcoming debut album.GREYLAND

The song, which Metz co-wrote with Nicolette Hayford, Matt McGinn and Nathan Spicer, details a woman having to fake cheerfulness when she runs into an ex-lover and his new flame.

"Well thank God I'm an actress / he don't know what's on my mind / and even though I'm laughing, I ain't having a good time," she croons. "And that's the real him happy / but for me it's just a lie / He won't ever know / ever know, tonight / Thank God I'm an actress."

"Actress" follows the two-time SAG Award winner's earlier single "Talking to God," which debuts on country radio stations next month. Both songs will be featured on Metz’s upcoming debut album on EMI Records Nashville.

Listen to "Actress" in the video above!