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HBO: 'True Blood's' use of thugs in Obama masks 'utter coincidence'

HBO / Today
"True Blood."

There was so much sound and fury generated last month when "Game of Thrones" was revealed to have aired a passing few seconds of what appeared to be former President George W. Bush's head on a pike that it seems improbable that yet another HBO show would go after a major political figure -- but it did.

This time, it wasn't a Republican noggin -- Sunday's "True Blood" went after a Democrat's head, as thugs wearing masks of President Barack Obama drove up in a truck and shot at some of the show's characters, including Sam Merlotte, girlfriend Luna Garza and even her little daughter-turned-werewolf Emma.

"It's a complete and utter coincidence and one show has nothing to do with the other," HBO told Deadline.

Films and TV shows featuring thieves or robbers often have them wearing rubber masks, and for shock value they're frequently of presidents, though Richard M. Nixon's seems to be the most popular.

The timing, it seems, just makes for an odd coincidence. Costume Craze, which provided the masks, wrote on its blog: "'True Blood's' production team purchased several Obama masks from us earlier this year, and we've been waiting in suspense for them to appear.'"


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