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Have mercy! 'Full House' boys reunite for Super Bowl ad

Anyone who was alive in the ’90s — or has battled insomnia watching Nick at Nite — has likely seen an episode or 2,000 of “Full House.” (Cue memories of Michelle Tanner’s “You got it, dude!” and Uncle Joey’s “Cut. It. Out!”)

Leveraging its relationship with spokesperson John Stamos, Greek yogurt brand Oikos has released a Super Bowl teaser reuniting the Greek-American actor with his “Full House” co-stars Dave Coulier and Bob Saget. With only 15-seconds of screen time, the guys channel the good old days with a late-night, PJs-clad convo that results in pure nostalgic gold. 

The teaser directs fans to check out OikosBromance, where behind-the-scenes photos and quickie off-the-cuff videos of the “bros” can be found. We’ll have to wait till the fourth quarter on game day to see the full 30-second commercial (“How rude!”), but until then, we’ll be dreaming of potential Kimmy Gibbler and Olsen twin cameos.

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