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Hathaway's ex-boyfriend back in spotlight

Vanity Fair profiles Anne Hathaway's troubled ex-boyfriend, Rafaello Follieri, in the magazine's latest issue.
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Anne Hathaway had been staying mostly out of the spotlight until she appeared at the Democratic National Convention last week. Even then, the “Princess Diaries” star managed to maneuver through Denver without having to answer many (if any) questions about her ex-boyfriend, troubled real-estate developer Rafaello Follieri. But the respite might be over.

In the new issue of Vanity Fair, a profile on Follieri, “The Follieri Charade” includes Hathaway’s supposed parting words to him. (“You were the love of my life. I’ll always love you. You know that, baby.”)

The piece goes on to discuss what impressed Hathaway about Follieri, “The trips were dazzling, but Hathaway was apparently more impressed by Follieri’s desire to start a foundation to help poor children in developing countries," the magazine said. “He created the Follieri Foundation and started organizing a campaign to inoculate Latin-American children against hepatitis A.

“My boyfriend is incredible in a lot of ways,” Hathaway told Harper’s Bazaar, “One of the most untouted aphrodisiacs in the world is charity work. Seriously, you want a girl to be impressed, vaccinate some kids, build a house.”

A friend of Hathaway’s says the actress is “nearly numb” at this point, and can’t understand why she continues to be connected to her ex. “She wants it all to be over," the friend says. "She feels like she’s distanced herself from him, and she shouldn’t have to deal with this anymore. She’s not talking out of school, she’s staying focused, she should be rewarded for that.”

Perhaps she will be rewarded, or given a platform for her side of the story, at least. Us Weekly is reporting that Hathaway will be appearing on the cover of Vogue this January. Rating the anthem singers
By now everyone knows that Barack Obama requested that “Dreamgirl” Jennifer Hudson sing the National Anthem the night he delivered his speech at the DNC.

Now, fast-forward to the RNC, Sept. 2. As Jimmy Kimmel pointed out in his broadcast the same night, the GOP chose operatic tenor Phil Alongi II to sing the anthem.

Kimmel spliced Hudson’s and Alongi’s performances together, and used the clip job to poke fun at the differences between the celeb-heavy DNC and the less-star-studded RNC.

I feel it’s only right to set the record straight: I hear Alongi was on deck to sing the anthem at the DNC, but got bumped once Hudson was officially on board. As Kimmel’s clip proves, Alongi has quite the set of pipes: the Miami Heat called up after the RNC performance to ask him to sing at a game. So, Kimmel — maybe cut him some slack?Ralphie at the RNC
The Wednesday night festivities during the week of the DNC included the RIAA/One party, with Kanye West performing, and a star-studded dinner for the Impact Film Festival.

This Wednesday, at the RNC, the story is much different. RIAA/One wrangled fourth-place “Idol” finisher Daughtry to perform, and the celeb sighting of the day was Peter Billingsley, a.k.a. Ralphie from “A Christmas Story.”

I think there’s a “you’ll shoot your eye out”/NRA joke in here somewhere.

A child star who made it
“Saved by the Bell” star Mark-Paul Gosselaar, aka Zack Morris, officially makes the (short) list of child stars who avoided becoming train wrecks. But what would have become of Zack and company if they came of age in the TMZ era?

Gosselaar tells the L.A. Times that not much would be different: “We didn't have paparazzi," he explains. "Was I in a club at 16, smoking cigarettes, taking a drink from people? Yeah I was! I did the thing that normal kids do. Did I go to house parties and do keg stands and beer bongs? That's what kids do! I didn't live in a bubble, but I was a normal kid. Nowadays these kids are trying to have an ounce of normalcy and they have a camera in their face... Should be interesting what one of my castmates writes in his book. You heard about that? That would be Dustin Diamond, now of sex-tape fame… can’t wait for that one."

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