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hated it readers have very strong opinions on the “Twilight” sequel, which pulled in more than $140 million domestically in its opening weekend. From Kristen Stewart acting to the film's director, there was very little middle ground.
/ Source: news services readers had very strong opinions on the “Twilight” sequel, “New Moon,” which pulled in more than $140 million domestically in its opening weekend. From Kristen Stewart acting to the film's director, there was very little middle ground.

Here is just a sampling of opinions from readers. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


The film was not in the slightest faithful to the book, nor did it bring anything new or fresh to the story. I personally think the first Twilight movie was terrible, but this really takes the cake on just plain bad. Side note, whoever commented on 3+ hour Harry Potter movies may want to check running times (people who think this movie should be longer really bug me)

Go rent “Let the Right One” in and see a good vampire story. — Jack, Grayslake, Ill. 


As an avid reader of the Twilight Saga series since the publication of Twilight in 2005, I was extremely pleased with the New Moon movie. They left a few parts out, but it was for cinematic reasons and the missing parts did not seriously effect the overall understanding of New Moon. I feel Chris Weitz did a fantastic job showing the relationship dynamics that develop between Bella and Jacob without over doing it. I am also very happy that they decided to keep Taylor Lautner in the cast as Jacob Black. Taylor is a fantastic actor from previous roles, and the dedication he showed to keep his part for the role of Jacob in New Moon is utterly amazing. Not only was he physically prepared for the role, but I feel his emotional portrayal and performance of an extremely complex and intricate character showed how far he has come as an actor and that he deserved the part of Jacob Black. His performance as very well done. The end of the movie was very well done in my opinion. After Bella and Edward returned from Volteri, and after the confrontation between Jacob and Edward ... The ending still came as a bit of a shock, but I think it was a very effective cliffhanger. As both a movie goer and a book reader, I was very happy with the New Moon movie. — Kendra Miller, Shelton, Conn.


“New Moon” was boring to the nth degree, badly scripted, the special effects were terrible (The wolves did not have that werewolf factor — intensely frightening) and Kirsten Stewart is a horrible actress. The best thing about the acting are the vampires in Italy, which include Dakota Fanning; an actress who was on screen ten minutes and simply transformed her part. Aro was excellent. They should shoot the director and start over. Stephen King was right when he said, rightfully so that the author of these books is a horrible writer, and these movies are just like the books. In our world of mediocrity and children and people without their own thoughts or purpose in life, for some this is what it has come to. Nothing. — Anita Debarge, Laguna Beach, Calif.


The hot vampire series jumped from the printed page to the big screen, and its stars' off-screen romance only helps matters.

The guys were soo hot. That is all I hear from these reviews of these terrible books and movies. This is a classic example of young uninformed teenage girls going gaga over something with no depth, just like New Kids on the Block, Nsync, Back street Boys and so on.  — Anonymous


I actually think it was a good movie. It was better then the first movie and did move quickly through the storyline. The only thing I can say is in the absence of the first movie the connection between Bella and Edward didn't seem quite as strong. Bella seemed tortured after Edward left but the book expressed it better then the movie. Still, I enjoyed the movie and am looking forward to Eclipse. — Jacquelyn Andula, Hamburg, N.Y.

I have seen the movie twice now and plan to see it again! I loved it! I know it is hard to make a two hour movie from a 500+ page book but I thought they picked up all the essential parts. No movie is ever as good as a book! I'm disappointed in reading how many people disliked the movie. Again, I loved the movie! — Debbie Baker, Sacramento, Calif.


Saw New Moon last night. It was okay but didn hold attention. I was ready to leave after 30 minutes into the movie. Nothing excited me about it, nothing that makes me want to rush out and see it again or want to go at midnight and buy the DVD. Bella (Kristen Stewart) did not impress as Bella, she doesn't know how to act and it sad to see her try. Edward (Robert Pattinson) needs to wax and work on his abs. When he stepped out to expose himself. I was like ewww, gross. Jacob (Taylor Lautner) he held his own. I really felt sorry for him when Bella told Jacob goodbye at the end of the movie. Overall, the movie didn live up to its hype, like Twilight did. I think they should have stayed with the same director and things might have been different. Hopefully, the 3rd and 4th movie are better, but not holding my breath.  — Christina Haroer, Plainfield, Iowa


I think new moon was great yeah, maybe it needed more of the book in it. but other then that it was better then twilight. i really loved seeing half naked jacob!!!! whoop-whoop!  — Anonymous, Alvin, Texas

As a huge fan of the books, I was very excited for the newest "Twilight Saga" installment. The movie disappointed only in the way that all 400 plus pages couldn't be brought to life. The acting from Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson improved ten fold from Twilight. I was so happy Taylor Lautner returned as Jacob, and boy did he look the part! I also thought the Volturi Coven was well cast. With Rachel Levre going to be absent from the next film, I was sad to see her part so minimal. All in all, I rather enjoyed the movie and can't wait to see it again, and again. — Kym Tambini, South San Francisco, Calif.


I am a 44yr old married mom of a teenage girl. I love the books and this movie is excellent. I loved it more than I loved the first one. My 17 yr old loved it, and she didn't care much for this book in the series. I love the way it stayed closer to the book than the first (but given the lack of budget for the first one that had to happen). This one stayed true to Stephenie Meyers book that all fans truly love. I only wish that if you haven't read the books, don't judge the film. This story is one of true love, and loss. It hits it on the head for teenage girls and the fact that Jacob has killer abs and Edward (Huge fan of Pattinson here) is the perfect man who thinks he is a monster and doesn't realize how perfect he is, makes us all feel the true meaning of being a teenage girl again.

So to the critics, lay off. We love it regardless of your reviews.  — Natalie Babb, Land O'Lakes, Fla. 


I thought I was the only one disappointed by the movie's soap opera score. it ruined the movie for me- i actually thought about leaving half way through. The music from Twilight was PERFECT. If they had gone that route, the movie would have been much better. I waited so long for this, read new Moon like 7-8 times, watched twilight countless times... i can believe how bad the music ruined it for me. I hope Eclipse's score is back to the original format. —Amy, Manville, N.M.


I grudgingly went to the midnight showing of New Moon with my wife to garner some much needed favor points to be redeemed at a later date for beers with the boys. I had to forego 4 hours of sleep for what I knew would be a teenage shriek fest any time some shirtless beau dashed across the screen. Having read the books and enjoyed all 4, albeit New Moon the least of them all, I was expecting a slow moving, depressing saga with too little Edward to please the wife, too little quality acting to please me. Sadly New Moon met my expectations and then some. First, let me start by saying the sound track was dreadful. I really can't surmise why they would choose such obscure artists to begin with. Secondly, perhaps it was the screaming post-pubescents or maybe the click click click of constant texting, but I could scarcely hear a word of the apparently moving dialogues. Maybe my beagle could have picked out what Edward said. I did manage to pull my head out of my movie theater nachos complete with fake cheese for the fight scenes and thoroughly enjoyed the wolf-transformations. Having mentioned fake cheese, perhaps it would be prudent to add that it, the fake cheese that is, was far superior to the supremely cheesy "cliff-hanger" at the end of the movie. I have to say I think a cadaver at the morgue could have uttered that line with more life and conviction. All that said, Billy Burke was the standout of the bunch again. Kristin Stewart did a better job than she did in Twilight, and Jacob was almost believable this go around. My glowing two thumbs-down obviously won't influence any torso craving ladies, but for the guys, stay home and watch football.  — Andrew Bryant, Kennesaw, Ga.


Here's the thing people... you say its "boring" and my comment is did you read the book?? It's the slowest one of the 4. It is about heartache and suffering. Not exactly heart pumping action. You say "not enough Rob"... did you read the book??? Come on people... the movie stuck pretty close to the book so why on earth are you shocked?? This movie is essential to bridge the gap to the much faster paced Eclipse. So before you go all "I am bored" with this one... read the book and know that this is one part of a much bigger picture!

And on another note... Miley Cyrus thinks this is a cult?? Perhaps she should look at her own fans who have her face on their bedsheets. Jealous much?  — Kim Colbert, Atlanta

Choice root canal with no anaesthetic, seeing New Moon again. No contest, hello dentist.

This movie was full of drivel, drivel and more drivel mixed with some teenage angst drivel. Boring, silly and a waste of time. — Steve Hoff 


I was a little nervous to see New Moon after the big disappointment I had w/the first movie, Twilight. Because I loved the books so much I decided I would give New Moon a chance, and I am so happy I did. I loved it! The acting, directing, and special effects were 100 times better this time around. I can't wait for the next movie to come out.  — Mary Carnley, Bellevue, Neb.

film was "OMG AWESOME" It was as faithful as any movie taken from book form. Was a thousand times better than twilight which was very choppy. I blame that on Director, was still an ok movie as a first in a series can be. Taylor as always was Jacob to the T. The acting of all was spot on, they seem to become the character that they are acting.

As for the ending it was great place to end it, the theatre I was in had a large moan and lots of NOOOOOOOOOOO's so I think the director made the right move on how to end it. My only criticism I have is the fact that Summit Films is replacing Rachelle Lefevre (Victoria) in the next installments.

Breaks up the chemistry of the film for me. I think that a lot of the twilight fans will be disappointed that this action was taken. Just my opinion.

My overall rating is 5 Howls, Team JACOB...  — Anonymous, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho


Saw the movie this evening with my 2 sisters and nieces. Never read the books, and only saw the original yesterday because we were going to see the second today. As a 40 something year old Mom, I have to say, the best part of the movie (which I thought quite good) was watching with an entire theater packed with 3-17 year old girls. Listening to the collective GASP from the audience when the hunk removed his shirt (revealing his perfect abs) to clean a wound was HYSTERICAL. Listening to my almost 50 year old sister ask them to REWIND THAT PART was even better.

Hearing my other sister (at the end) say...WE AREN'T LEAVING THIS SPOT UNTIL THE NEXT MOVIE COMES OUT...priceless! Great unoffensive movie to giggle through with your teen daughter, ladies!  — Kim Portz, Penn.


Hate it. Bring back catherine hardwicke! what happened to the smoking sound track, and edginess of the Twilight. I think this movie was made for my mother, and I'm no teenager. Hollywood has done what it normally does to european movies — make them bland! Luckily for Stephenie, her books are so loved they'll forgive her this 1 flop. — Anonymous


I don't believe I saw the same movie as everyone else. Half the audience was male, like me, which probably meant half the audience hadn't read the book. I hadn't. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Booing, missles, laughing - where do you boorish people live? Get a life. Bet you won't stay home when the next one comes out. You'll be right there trying to find everything you can to criticize. — Anonymous, Burlington, Vt.


I loved it. I am a HUGE fan of the books. I am 29 normal and married. My husband came with me and he even liked it. He is such a man, that I was worried, but for him to give his approval..... it has to mean something. I don't think they strayed far from the book. They stayed right on track in my opinion. The acting was much much better, the special effects, the whole thing was great. You could tell they had the proper resources this time around.

Just some comments on other reviews:

Of course she was a zombie, she was utterly heart broken and depressed.

It's a movie based off a book, it's not going to be like you pictured it in your head.

It's a depressing book, so of course the movie will seem that way too.

I can't wait to see it again! June can't come fast enough- Eclipse. — Jenny Zimmer, Holland, Mich. 


Seems like they slammed it out, for the big bucks, and lost the true emotion of the story in the process. Not to mention, what they changed, was terrible, and so much that was important, left out! All of the actors did their part, too bad they had a bad boss!  — Barb ott, Saint Marys, Penn.


I wasn't thrilled by this adaptation of the book. Although I think physically Taylor Lautner had Jacob down, his voice and facial expressions didn't do Jacob justice. And what's with Bella e-mailing Alice, why did they have to add that in?! My husband nailed it when he said that the actors seemed detached from the storyline. Granted Kristen Stewert played a very good depressed Bella, but something was just missing. The part with the Volturi was the best, even though they added that fight scene. It's hard to believe Stephenie Meyer was okay with that screenplay. — JMS, Surprise, Ariz.


I am not a Twimom, but just a normal 50 yo woman. the movie made wish I was 20 again. either for Jacob or Edward :) Taylor and Robert respectively played their parts well. Taylor still has a ways to go, but honestly he's not as stiff as he was in the first movie.

People have to realize. This is not Citizen Kane or Casablanca. it wasn't written to be either. It was written to be a fun movie with a different beat to it. And in that context it works, very well.

While I'm not a huge Catherine Hardwick fan (way to many to close close ups for me) she DID make you feel like she FELT it. She got it. The editing was a huge problem with Twilight. That being said, I loved what Chris Weitz did with it. While some of the pauses of the characters was a bit to drawn out and a bit to many of them, I believe he pulled the screenplay that was written together. I do wish that Edwards and Bellas reunion had been a bit deeper. After all her running thru the streets the moment she gets to him was over far to quickly and easily for me. I mean they had been separated for MONTHS...... he thought she was dead and she thought he would be dead.....

I just wish Stephenie Myer had more input on the screenplay.

Overall to me it was worth not getting home until after 3am whenI still had to be at work at 8.

I'll see it again, and again and again, mostly cuz I'm a crazy old woman who really enjoys the cute hotness of the guys :)  — Soozie Laubach, Denver