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Hatcher gets rowdy for a very good cause

‘Desperate’ star enthusiastic at benefit event for Tuberous Sclerosis
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Our charity auction and comedy show to help families affected by an awful genetic disease called tuberous sclerosis got fantastically out of hand, thanks in large part to Teri Hatcher!

Some events, as well-intentioned as they all are, can be painfully boring. Not this one.

Billy Bush was honored to host a wild and wonderful night at the Music Box Theater in Hollywood for a very serious cause that, thus far, is incurable.

Tuberous sclerosis is a disease that causes tumors to inexplicably grow on the vital organs of children.

"You got in there, and you got rowdy," said Billy to Teri. "I love that about you"

"I'm a little rowdy," Teri laughed.

"And you have so much fun," Billy said. "You bid on some place in England? Are you ever gonna go?"

"I'm supposed to be in England in June anyway for my book tour that's also going to England so that's where this trip was," Teri explained. "I'll do the book thing and then I'll go up to the castle, and Ill bring my daughter and she'll get to go up to a castle."

Teri even stepped in personally to help auction off a Harry Winston diamond necklace.

The evening’s biggest honoree was Julianne Moore.

The reason? When no one else would, Julianne listened when she was approached three years ago on a New York street by Tom Lindsay and his son, Tommy, who suffers from T.S.

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He asked Julianne to get involved – to put a celebrity face on the disease.

"On that street, you got stopped by Tom Lindsey," Billy said. "I mean New York is full of all kind nuts but you must of thought that he was crazy?"

"He was so enthusiastic and so, so loving and had so much determination to get my attention and that's what really struck me," Julianne said. "How much he loved his son and how kind of far he was going to go to prove it."

A mother herself, Julianne was inspired to go all the way to Washington D.C.

So, Julianne went to Congress with Tommy Lindsay and got an increase in funding for research. To the tune of $1.2 million dollars!

And last night’s event raised almost $250,000. Maybe it's those who help who feel the luckiest.

"They thank me for being here to help, and I want to say, 'No, thank you,'" Teri explained.

"Thank you for letting me have an evening of being aware of how blessed I am, how lucky I am and getting to know these people so intimately. When you come year after year (you see) their journeys with their families and their survival skills and this great respect and treasure for the smallest pluses in life."