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Hasselhoff turns to humor over leaked video

David Hasselhoff appears to be turning to humor to combat a recent video showing him drunk while addressing his minor child.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

David Hasselhoff appears to be turning to humor to combat a recent video showing him drunk while addressing his minor child.

While working on a segment for NBC’s “America's Got Talent,” Hasselhoff was caught Monday, making light of the video which made headlines around the world last week. He addressed the clip, shot by then 16-year-old daughter Taylor Ann, which showed him inebriated and struggling to eat a burger. In the clip, Hasselhoff’s daughter is heard pleading with him to stop drinking once and for all.

“I’m going to have a cheeseburger for lunch,” he said to the “America’s Got Talent” audience before playing air guitar.

Hasselhoff also seemed to jokingly suggest he was having personalized apparel made over the issue.

“My new T-shirts? — Hoff the rocks,’” he told the crowd.

The former “Baywatch” star received worldwide attention when the video, shot by Taylor Ann was made public two weeks ago. Days after the clip was released, a Los Angeles judge suspended his visitation rights with his two teenage daughters pending a review of the tape by the court.

“I am a recovering alcoholic. ... Unfortunately, one evening I did have a brief relapse, but part of recovery is relapse,” Hasselhoff said in a statement issued after the video was leaked. “Because of my honest and positive relationship with my daughters who were concerned for my well being there was a tape made that night to show me what I was like. I have seen the tape. I have learned from it. ...The tape was never meant to become public, but got into the hands of individuals who are not worthy of mentioning, who maliciously released the tape for their own self purpose. I hope that someone else will learn from the tape, as I have.”

Hasselhoff also confirmed to Monday’s audience at the “America’s Got Talent” taping that a number of people have contacted him about the video.

“Seriously, the support I’ve gotten from everyone around the world including these cats over here (he gestures at fellow ‘Americas Got Talent’ judges) has been phenomenal,” he told the audience.

Fellow AGT judges Sharon Osbourne and Piers Morgan have both lent their support to the Hoff too.

“He’s a great family guy you know. And he’s got nothing to be ashamed about,” Sharon said.

“Things that would devastate a normal human being just play to his brand, make him more famous, more iconic and more popular,” Piers commented. “He came out today, cracked a couple of cheeseburger gags. ‘Hoff his rocker’ was his own headline and they all roared with their approval.”

Hasselhoff confirmed he is keeping his spirits up.

“Can’t keep a good Hoff down,” he also said.