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Hasselhoff’s ex-wife claims he’s an alcoholic

An already ugly Hollywood split has officially gone nuclear as Pamela Bach, David Hasselhoff’s ex-wife reveals explosive new allegations about her former husband.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

An already ugly Hollywood split has officially gone nuclear as Pamela Bach, David Hasselhoff’s ex-wife reveals explosive new allegations about her former husband.

And as “Access Hollywood’s” Shaun Robinson found out when she sat down with Pamela, it all boils down to two things — claims of abuse and alcohol.

“The disease of alcoholism that David is… it’s a disease that you can put a halt to I believe,” Pamela told Shaun.

“You’re saying he’s an alcoholic?” Shaun asked.

“Oh, I know it. Yes,” Pamela revealed. “And I thought if he just wouldn’t drink everything is going to be okay. Life is good. We’ve got two beautiful girls. You know, amazing. If you just put down the drink everyday, everything will be okay.”

It’s accusations aplenty as Pamela claims David is an alcoholic and says he has gone to rehab three times. Meanwhile, David has said that Pamela has a cocaine problem.

“You said you felt manipulated. How so?” Shaun asked.

“I would see paperwork that was just outright lies,” Pamela said. “I mean, just outright lies.”

“What was a lie?” Shaun asked her.

“You know what, it doesn’t even matter,” Pamela said. “It just makes me sick.”

“Her cocaine use — that’s a lie. An outright lie,” Pamela’s newly hired Debra Opri chimed in.

“That’s a complete lie,” Pamela agreed.

Opri is the same attorney who handled Larry Birkhead’s paternity case.

“When David was drinking, did he ever physically abuse you?” Shaun asked Pamela.

“Yes, that’s not something I really wanted out,” she said with deep breath as she began to cry. “It’s embarrassing and you think what did you do but you come to the point you didn’t do anything. You don’t deserve it.”

“What did he do?” Shaun followed up. “Did he hit you?”

“It just… they become so different,” an emotional Pamela explained. “It’s like a Jekyll and Hyde.”

“Were there ever any bruises? Broken bones? Anything that you covered up?” Shaun asked.

“That’s what I did,” she revealed.

“You covered it up,” Shaun noted.

Ever since their divorce became final last August, David and Pamela have been locked in a dispute over spousal support and custody of their two daughters, Hayley and Taylor Ann.

In a statement to Access Hollywood, David said “I have the respect of my children and my fans, but most importantly I have self respect. I will continue to keep my personal life private for the sake of moving on and living a happy life with my daughters.”

But how does Pamela feel about her girls spending time with their dad?

“Do you want your daughters to have a relationship with their father?” Shaun asked her.

“Yes, absolutely,” she admitted, adding that he sees the girls from time to time now. However, one problem remains.

“Do you trust him with the girls if he still has this problem that you say he does?” Shaun inquired.

“No,” Pamela said. “I don’t trust that he can hold his disease at bay to not take that drink. When he’s sober, he’s a wonderful man.”

“Okay, well let me ask you this, because this is very important when you are talking about children, did you ever witness him abusing the girls when he was drinking?” Shaun asked.

“It depends on how you define abuse,” Opri noted.

“Did you ever see him hitting the girls?” Shaun clarified.

“We’ll just leave it at that. We’ll just say we have concerns,” Opri explained. “There are different levels of abuse and we are exploring all of them in this instance. All of them.”