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Has ‘The Passion’ caused miracles?

Some fans of “The Passion of the Christ” claim that the Mel Gibson flick has caused miracles — and now a documentary is in the works to prove it.

Makers of “Changed Lives: Miracles of the Passion” have been interviewing people who say their lives were turned around after they watched the flick. An online solicitation sent to would-be subjects of the film gives examples of the sort of “miracles” the filmmakers are looking for: “a marriage being rescued, an addict who was set free, a Jew who now accepts Jesus as Messiah, someone who experienced physical or emotional healing, and so on.”

A describing the documentary suggests recording video testimony this way: “Looking right into the camera the entire time, begin speaking as if you’re telling your story to a good friend who does not know Jesus and you REALLY want him or her to see the film and be changed like you!”

“We have gone to Web sites where there are in excess of 70,000 stories about how people were touched by this film, so we have plenty to choose from,” Executive Producer Jody Eldred tells The Scoop. The documentary isn’t affiliated with Mel Gibson’s Icon Productions, says Eldred, but he has been working closely with Icon. “They’ve seen the trailer. They think it’s a cool thing. We have their blessings.”

Is the JacksonVault locked?

** FILE ** Michael Jackson is seen as he exits the courthouse in Santa Maria, Calif., in this Jan. 16, 2004 file photo. (AP Photo/Spencer Weiner, Pool, File)

Michael Jackson isn’t the only one who’s upset by an entrepreneur selling his personal belongings.

Wacko Jacko has slapped a $10 million lawsuit against a man who’s hawking Jackson memorabilia — everything from fan mail to outfits he wore in concert — over the Internet. But some would-be buyers are saying that they’re being charged to browse through the goods — and then can’t zoom in for a good look at the items as promised. “I paid my fee and clicked onto some of the stuff, which looked really interesting, but I couldn’t get a good look at it,” one source told The Scoop. “I tried it on several computers, and nothing worked and they wouldn’t give me back my money.”

A representative of JacksonVault.com says that only viewers using Macintosh computers have had problems, and that everyone who has had difficulty has been given a refund. He also claims that more than two million people have visited the site — but declined to say how many of them have forked over the $2.95 fee.

Notes from all overBrit TV hosts Richard and Judy — the Regis and Kelly of the UK — have been claiming that they’ve lined up a “warts and all” interview with Bill Clinton. A rep for the former president tells The Scoop she knows nothing of it.  . . . Don’t buy that toaster oven for Christina Aguilera quite yet. The "Dirrty" singer’s spokeswoman tells us that published reports that she’s engaged are “totally untrue.”  . . . The Will Smith role in “Jersey Girl” was originally written for Bruce Willis. He didn’t get the part, director Kevin Smith told the London Free Press, because he didn’t return phone calls.

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