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Has  Jackson lost his No. 1 fan?

It looks like Michael Jackson will have to face new charges without his staunchest ally. By Jeannette Walls
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It looks like Michael Jackson will have to face these child molestation charges without his former staunchest ally.

When the pop superstar was faced similar charges a decade ago, Elizabeth Taylor rushed to Jackson’s side, issued a statement vehemently supporting her friend, and she continued to maintain his innocence throughout the controversy — leading what one journalist called “a one-woman cavalry charge in Michael’s defense.” At the time, Taylor said that she believed in “Michael’s integrity, his love and trust in children” and declared that she would always stand by him.

This time, however, the silence from her camp has been deafening. So the Scoop called Elizabeth Taylor’s office, asking if the former screen goddess was still standing by Jackson and if she had any thing to say in light of the current charges. “Miss Taylor will have no comment,” her spokeswoman snapped.

Liza Minnelli, who was wed on Jackson’s ranch and had defended Jackson against the earlier molestation charges as well as during the so-called “baby dangling” controversy, is also staying mum this time around. “Liza Minelli has no comment,” her rep told the Scoop.

No one could accuse Kelly Preston of slighting Scientology.

John Travolta’s wife appeared on “Live with Regis and Kelly” Tuesday, and discussed her recent efforts to help open schools. She praised Delphi, a chain of private schools that she’s backing, and told the audience that they’re “non-toxic” and “very artistic” — but what she failed to mention was their link to Scientology, the controversial religion that she and her hubby follow.

Delphi Academies are touted as non-denominational, but they are based on the teachings and “study techniques” developed by L. Ron Hubbard, the science fiction writer and founder of Scientology. As one Delphi web site put it: “Mr. Hubbard’s written works on education and child development are applied within the school’s program and are directly related to our success in helping students and families.”

“There’s often an Scientology-related interest behind Kelly Preston’s various causes,” said a long-time observer of the church. “She is a very effective proselytizer.”

Notes from all over

Impending fatherhood hasn’t completely mellowed Russell Crowe. The famously fiery actor exploded at a waiter who spilled a drink on his jacket, reports the London Daily Express. ... Martha Stewart doesn’t seem to be playing the poverty card. A sharp-eyed — and fashion-conscious — source tells the Scoop that at recent court proceedings the domestic diva appears to be wearing a gold Cartier Tank Basculante watch, which retails for about $10,000, and carrying a Kelly bag, which sells in the neighborhood of $5,000. Unless, of course, they’re fake, which would not be a Good Thing. . ... Someone should tell Anthony Pellicano to update his web site. The private investigator worked for the likes of Michael Jackson, Kevin Costner and Sylvester Stallone before he plead guilty last month to illegally possessing military-style explosives and hand grenades. He is expected to serve 27-33 months in prison. “Pellicano Investigative Agency, Ltd. is dedicated to serving you with the relentless determination and effectiveness that has earned us our much honored reputation,” reads his web site. “We are equipped to obtain the essential information which may make the difference between winning or losing and, losing is not an alternative I accept.”

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