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Has Ben Affleck’s star fallen?

Will Ben Affleck’s spy character get shot down? Jeannette Walls Delivers the Scoop.
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Will Ben Affleck’s spy character get shot down? The hunky actor has replaced Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan in the flicks based on Tom Clancy thrillers, but the word is that he may be on his way out.

PARAMOUNT IS SAID to be in the early stages of making the next flick in the series, and the buzz in the film biz is that the moviemakers are “seriously reconsidering” casting Affleck in the role.

“It’s not been a good year for him,” says one source. “His star has fallen considerably since ‘Sum of All Fears’ — and ‘Gigli’ — needless to say — did not help.”

Paramount denies the story, insisting that they’re not looking to replace Affleck. When asked if he would definitely star in the next Jack Ryan film, however, a Paramount spokeswoman said she wasn’t sure.

And when Affleck’s rep was asked if the actor would appear in the next Tom Clancy-based film, he said, “I have absolutely no idea.”

Dress for success

Pam Anderson has some designers fit to be tied.

The former “Baywatch” babe hosted this year’s British Style Awards, and agreed to wear clothes only by U.K.-based designers.

“It was supposed to be a showcase for British fashion and she was going to wear a total of five different outfits, one for the red carpet, one for presenting, one for after parties, etc. to give all the designers a chance to get some exposure,” says our spy. “There were racks and racks of amazing clothes waiting for Pam to try on, but she’s a big animal rights advocates, and refused to wear anything by designers who use fur or leather. She even brought along a consultant from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, to make sure that she wore only animal-friendly designers.”

Finally, says our source, the PETA consultant told her that Stella McCartney — who is also a big animal-rights person — is the most notable British designer who can be trusted to shun fur and leather. So they went over to Stella’s boutique and Stella whipped up five outfits.

“That was the only designer she wore for the entire evening — all five events,” says the source. “The other designers were totally snubbed and their reps were beside themselves.”

Notes from all over

Britney Spears’ mother had no problem with her daughter kissing Madonna — but apparently, Spears’ father was less thrilled with the lip lock. In an interview, Spears said she was a little embarrassed knowing that her mom would see her in Sapphic smooch, “but because it was Madonna, she was like ‘all right baby, you’re cool.’” But according to, Daddy was furious. “She has to live with it, but I don’t approve of what she did, not one bit,” the site quoted him as saying. . . .

Those cruel Brits continue to attack David Blaine, and now one of them is really hitting below the belt. The illusionist has been dangling in a box over London, and has been hit with eggs, paint balls and visions of various body parts by unappreciative crowds. Now, The News of the World has an interview with a woman who claims to have been the last person Blaine bedded before being suspended, and her review of the event was not kind. “He wasn’t exactly magic in bed,” she claimed, and went on to report unflattering details. . . . Ozzy Osbourne’s former bandmates aren’t all fans of “The Osbournes.” “To be honest, after spending the past thirty-five years on the road with Ozzy, I don’t really need to watch the show,” Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi told Guitar World magazine. “I’ve seen it all before.” appears Monday through Thursday in MSNBC Entertainment.