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Harry Potter's son goes to Hogwarts! J.K. Rowling tweets greetings to James

Your kids aren't the only ones starting school this year. One James Sirius Potter is getting on board for the adventure of his lifetime, too.
/ Source: TODAY

Brace yourself, because we're all so very old right now: Harry Potter's son, James Sirius Potter, has just started his term at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

That's James there on the right.YouTube

Yes, as you're (likely) sending your own offspring to school, author J.K. Rowling has taken a moment to remind us that they are not alone in getting on board for a brand-new adventure.

See, in the epilogue to the final movie in the "Harry Potter" franchise, the year is 2017 and Harry and Ginny's eldest son is already at Hogwarts. In the epilogue, we see Harry talking to his younger son Albus Severus, who he's about to send off to school. This means that Sept. 1, 2015 is James' first day!

Fans were shocked and pleased at the same time:

And while some fans claimed to have told him "hello," Rowling wanted to ensure he wouldn't get weirded out by all the attention:

Hey, it's not easy being the son of the boy who lived! Good luck, James!

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