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Twitter aglow as Harry Potter fans put their #WandsUp to honor John Hurt

John Hurt's role as wand merchant Ollivander has Harry Potter fans turning out to honor the actor, who died Friday at 77.
/ Source: TODAY

Harry Potter fans, it's time once again to pull out your book of inspirational Dumbledore quotes. (Er, all seven of them.)

John Hurt, the beloved British actor who played Ollivander in the Harry Potter films, died on Friday at 77.

Though Hurt's long and successful career included Oscar nominations for "Midnight Express" and "The Elephant Man" — plus noteworthy performances in many other films — it's his role as the wand merchant that has Potter fans turning out to give him a social media send-off.

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That means putting their wands up. If you're unfamiliar with the gesture, it looks like this:

And it's done in the wizarding community to honor the dead, as it was for Professor Albus Dumbledore in the above clip.

For muggles (non-magical folk), it's done on Twitter, using the hashtag #WandsUp.

Hurt's fellow Potter cast members joined in the salute:

Some also took the opportunity to honor Alan Rickman, who received a similar tribute this time last year.

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While others used the hashtag as a call to stay positive in the current political turmoil.

A lovely tribute to a very special actor. RIP, Mr. Ollivander. You will be missed.