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Happy birthday week, Kathie Lee! (Just don't say 60)


This Funday Monday marked the start of another round of celebrations for the Fourth Hour: It's Kathie Lee's 60th birthday week.

"This is the beginning of a huge celebration," Hoda said. "These two sad and sorry balloons are the beginning: We're doing a week-long celebration." 

KLG, who will mark her sixth decade on Aug. 16, looked less than enthused. "Why are we rushing this," she wailed. "I have five more days!" 

Hoda, who had quite the birthday celebration last week (complete with a special birthday serenade), tried to lift KLG's spirits, reminding viewers that this week they are giving away a special treat for fans in Kathie Lee's age bracket — Ambush Makeovers every day for ladies over 60.

"In honor of your 60th," Hoda started, before Kathie Lee cut her off. 

"Just say birthday!" KLG squealed, before coming up with a great idea. "Let's play a drinking game."

Hoda at first thought it was a great idea, until she found out what Kathie Lee had in mind: "Every time Hoda says the word 60, she has to take a shot!"

"I have to?" Hoda asked, surprised. 

"I love it," KLG grinned, "and maybe it will keep you from saying 60."