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Hannah returns to 'Dexter' ... with a vengeance

Welcome back to "Dexter," Hannah McKay! It's no secret that Yvonne Strahovski was reprising her role this season, but what a grand entrance she made. Just as Dex and Deb's relationship was finding its footing again, Hannah knocked 'em down — literally — by spiking their coffee with her signature sumpin' sumpin'. (Not Baileys Irish Cream.)  

Guess who's back, back again? Hannah's back! Tell a friend!

"Hello, Dexter. Remember me?" Deb couldn't really appreciate her nemesis' grand entrance on account of being unconscious, but Dexter was just awake enough to see his ex's arrival before drifting off. Poison is certainly a better way to go than drowning in a sinking car, right? Fortunately for the Morgans, Hannah didn't deliver a deadly dose — both are very much alive in the promo pictures for next week's episode. We can only hope that fan favorite Hannah survives too!

Selective amnesia: Just like ol' times, Deb and Dex are bizarrely palling around again. It's as if his hobby, her attempted murder-suicide and that icky declaration of love for her brother are just pesky flies that they've swatted out of their lives. (Maybe they're just compartmentalizing all the dramz — like the blood slides in Dexter's box?) Over beers, steak, pizza and the aforementioned coffee, they shared the humdrum details of their lives, including her boss' infatuation with her. (Can't blame Elway, especially after she sported that seductive outfit. Kinda like her old gig as an undercover hooker, only classier. She's been promoted to call girl!) Maybe it's the Hannah Special talking, but Deb seems way too nonchalant about Dex's admission that he's recruiting an "intern."

History repeats itself: Dexter has a mini-me! Isn't that just adorable? Sure, Harrison is cute enough — but if he's going to get this fussy about his dad's dog-napping, then he can't be expected to follow in his bloody footsteps. Introducing Zack Hamilton, one of the show's creepiest characters yet and apparently Dexter's perfect protégé. Plus, he comes ready-made — Dr. Vogel was already treating/coaching him. The thought of poaching her patient doesn't occur to Dex, however, until he got the snuff photographer strapped to his table. After realizing his opportunity for become his own "spiritual father" (does this make Vogel Zack's "spiritual grandmother"?), Dex used his sharpest butcher knife to set him free. (Sorta like Hannah before him, sans the snow and sex.)

Awww, look! Dexter has an intern!

B is for boring: Why "Dexter" is even bothering with B story lines — Quinn's career and love life, this Cassie person and Masuka's daughter — this late in the game is one of life's greatest mysteries. Maybe these snoozers are all leading up to a spectacular resolution, but right now we're just peeved that the writers are giving more attention to Masuka's soulful eyes than his epic punchlines.

Since when did Quinn start caring about his career, because we sure don't. And forget Masuka's soulful eyes -- give us his dirty quips!

Thankfully, Hannah is here to save the day. She really didn't really leave on the best of terms — with Deb, Dex or the justice system — so we can't wait to find out the reason for her return. What do you think? Vengeance? Jealousy? A referral to see Dr. Vogel? Or something even more menacing?