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Hangover Actor Busted for Sex Crime

Memo to aspiring Hollywood stars: this is not the way to get yourself noticed.
/ Source: E!online

Memo to aspiring Hollywood stars: this is not the way to get yourself noticed.

A small-time actor who played a Las Vegas cop in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and a hotel guest in 2009's The Hangover has been locked up in Sin City on charges of trying to coerce a Sin City masseuse into having sex with him by pretending to be...wait for it...a police officer.

Way to put the "wolf" in Wolfpack.

The alleged perp, Douglas Brian Irvin Jr., was at the Hooters Casino Hotel on May 15 when he responded to an ad for a $180 sensual body scrub. Per the police report obtained by the Las Vegas Sun, a woman identified by her stage name "Isabella" turned up and Irvin began touching her against her will and then offered her $10,000 for sex.

Isabella told investigators that she agreed on the condition he give her the money upfront. At which point, Irvin pulled out a laminated ID card that said he was with the vice squad and demanded she engage in intercourse for free, otherwise she'd be in "lots of trouble," according to the report.

Based on his "very cop-like" demeanor, the victim believed the 32-year-old and agreed to have sex with him to avoid arrest. He also took a photo of her during the encounter.

Over the next couple of days, according to the report, the two traded texts and it was at that point Isabella learned he wasn't a cop after all. She reported the incident to the real Vegas PD, which tracked him down via a parole officer and took him into custody.

No immediate word what his past criminal offense was, but Irvin was booked into Clark County jail Thursday on charges of impersonating a police officer, oppression under color of law, and sexual assault and coercion.

During questioning, detectives also found cell phone pics of him dressed in various cop uniforms and an ID card identifying him as a "special agent," all of which he claimed were from his film and TV parts.

Irvin, whose additional small screen-credits included playing an FBI agent in the direct-to-DVD Stargate: The Ark of Truth and an intern on ER, also alleged that Isabella tried to force him to perform a sex act and not the other way around.

A defense lawyer could not be reached for comment. Irvin's due back in court Tuesday.

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