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Haley Joel Osment is all grown up and ready for big comeback on the big screen

At age 11, Haley Joel Osment landed his breakout role in the supernatural thriller "The Sixth Sense," and became a constantly quoted ("I see dead people,") and easily recognizable famous face. But by the age of 18, he was out of sight.

Well, now he's back, and ready to launch a big-screen comeback as a grown up amid a group of child actors in "Sex Ed." On Monday he sat down with Matt Lauer to talk about his career path.

  • On working with the next generation of talent in "Sex Ed": "I was so impressed with how good they were. ... I had a blast."

  • On why he took a break from big screen after hitting it big as a kid: "It was always college. My mom's a sixth-grade teacher, so it was never really negotiable. And luckily, I wanted to go to college, too."

  • On his fans' reactions to recent "unrecognizable" photos of him: "Yeah. That was kind of funny." 

Of course Osment looks different now that he's all grown up, but he's not the only one who's changed over the years. Just take a look at him alongside Lauer compared to the last time they sat down together in 1999.


The big difference, according to Osment? "90s hair!"

"Sex Ed" will open in select cities Nov. 7. Next summer, fans who've missed Osment will have even more opportunities to see him when "Yoga Hosers" and "Entourage" open in theaters nationwide. And there's sure to be more to come. The actor plans to maintain his momentum in movies.

"Acting's my first love, and I want to keep at it," he said.

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