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Gwyneth Paltrow talks Moses and McDonald’s

Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush sat down with Oscar-winner Gwyneth Paltrow on Wednesday to talk about her new life as a mom and why she turned to the bible to name her son.

“Moses is a big name to live up to,” Billy said.

“Well, I think he’s the man to live up to it,” Gwyneth smiled. “When we were pregnant with Apple, if she was a boy, she would’ve been named Moses. We just always had the name.”

Gwyneth shared why she and her husband of almost three years, Coldplay’s Chris Martin, were set on naming their now 5-month-old son Moses long before he was ever born

“Moses to me is just such an amazing name. Plus, he was born on the holiest Sabbath of the year, which is the Saturday before Passover. And he was born at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York,” she explained.

“This is all adding up,” Billy said. “He had to be Moses!”

“Exactly,” Gwyneth laughed. “And it was my father’s Hebrew name.”

Sadly, Gwyneth lost her father (director Bruce Paltrow) to throat cancer four years ago. Gwyneth granted Access an exclusive interview to talk about her new line of Estee Lauder bath products, Pleasures, whose sales on Wednesday benefited the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

“You’ve had your own personal connection obviously to cancer with losing your father. Is this event, this campaign a way of remembering and honoring him?” Billy asked.

“Of course. Anytime I hear anybody has cancer, I react on a cellular level,” she said.

“Do you go back to that moment when you found out?” Billy asked.

“Yeah, in a way. I never would if I hadn’t had such a profound experience with cancer affecting my family the way it has,” Gwyneth added.

And now that she has her own children, Gwyneth is practicing preventive medicine.

“As a mother with two small children, do you watch what they eat?” Billy inquired. “What’s the program with them?”

“Oh yeah,” Gwyneth revealed. “They eat whole grains and they eat, you know…”

“Are you tough on them, like McDonald’s only once a week,” Billy joked.

“No McDonald’s. Never. Over my dead body,” she smiled.

Clearly, Gwyneth is a mom who knows exactly what she wants, especially when it comes to birthdays — she’s turning 34 next week.

“How are you celebrating your birthday?” asked Billy.

“Actually, I’m going to go to the Royal Albert Hall in London to see Jay-Z. It’s the first ever hip-hop concert in the Royal Albert Hall,” Gwyneth revealed.

“When you said the Royal Albert Hall, I’m thinking Tchaikovsky must be back,” Billy joked.

“Nope, it’s Jay-Z,” she smiled.

“Are you a rap fan or do you know him?” Billy asked.

“I’m a Jay-Z fan. He’s my best friend,” she laughed.

As it turned out, Gwyneth was full of surprises, as Billy found out.

“Are you coming back to work?” he asked.

“I’m coming back. I’m ready!” she said.