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Gwyneth may ‘force’ herself to have more babies

The actress loves her two children, she's just not so sure about the pregnancy part. But Paltrow says she may add to her brood, whether through pregnancy or adoption.
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The future may hold more children for Gwyneth Paltrow, but she’s unsure just how she’ll go about having them. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the actress shared her dilemma.

“My mother (actress Blythe Danner) loved each (of her pregnancies) to bits; she felt alive and beautiful,” she told the magazine. But Gwyneth didn’t find her personal experience quite so rosy. “I wanted to throw up all the time.”

Of course she doesn’t plan on letting a little thing like constant morning sickness stand in the way of a bigger brood. “I may force myself to do it one more time, because the result is so worth it," she said. “And also my dad said to me that his only regret in life was that he had only two children and he didn’t have more.”

When it comes time to expand the family, the “Iron Man” actress might just follow in the footsteps of her ex Brad Pitt and his partner, Angelina Jolie, by adopting siblings for 4-year-old Apple and 2-year-old Moses.

“I’m very open to (adoption),” she told Harper's Bazaar. In fact, Gwyneth sees it as a natural obligation of sorts for her and hubby Chris Martin. “I do feel we’re so fortunate, and we kind of owe it to humanity,” she said. “We have a lot of love to give and a lot of resources.”

Even Mary-Kate doesn’t get her fashion sense

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Ever wonder why Mary-Kate Olsen sports gorgeous designer duds one night, only to follow up her fashion-forward example with a “boho chic” disaster or an inexplicable fashion-backward display like the infamous giant doughnut headband? Well, it turns out even she isn’t sure.

“I don’t know — you’re either on the worst-dressed list or you’ve started a fashion trend,” MK explained in the new issue of Elle. “I think there’s a real disconnect between the media’s perception of fashion and the fashion world’s idea of fashion.”

As for her own outrageous getups, the controversy-courting half of the Olsen empire can’t quite pin it down. “I don’t know why I wear some of the things I wear," she admitted. “I like wearing crazy things sometimes. I like being playful. Sometimes I feel like I’m playing dress up and becoming a character. It’s sort of like an art. It can change your mood or the way that people are attracted to you.”

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