Gwen Stefani and Celine Dion are teaming up on 'The Voice!'

/ Source: TODAY

When Gwen Stefani returns to her red chair for Season 12 of "The Voice," she's bringing a special weapon in her battle against fellow coaches Blake Shelton, Adam Levin and Alicia Keys.

In fact, she's bringing the ultimate voice along as a mentor for her team: Céline Dion.

Stefani knows just how lucky she is to get a talent like that on her team.

"To get the prize right here ..." she said looking over at Dion when the two sat down to talk to TODAY. "Everybody's going to be so mad — the other coaches — that I got you."

"Yes!" Dion responded with a fist pump.

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It's clear Stefani is a big fan, and it's just as clear that the admiration is mutual.

"I know Gwen very well," the singing legend said. "I mean, I know her career, I know how beautiful she is all the time. She's so beautiful and I'm still jealous ..."

Yes, Dion even has a huge talent for compliments.

"I'm just not gonna say a word," Stefani said with a smile. "I'm just absorbing this moment right now. This is happening to me right now."

And that wasn't all. Throughout their chat, Dion broke into song, adding her pal's name to the lyrics of love ballads.


"I've heard music all day long," Stefani laughed. "Like, her brain, I don't know what's going on in there, but it's crazy inside there. And it's awesome!"