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Guys and 'Girls': Brian Williams talks about daughter's wedding plans

Brian Williams stopped by "Late Night" and opened up about the guy who's going to marry one of the "Girls," specifically his girl, daughter Allison Williams.

The NBC Nightly News anchor told Seth Meyers he's "so anxious to meet this guy," referring to Ricky Van Veen, who asked for the hand of the HBO series star at the end of February.

The proud pop was just joking. "No, he's a lovely guy and they love each other," Williams said. "There's no objection anyone could raise in the world."

Has he been invited to the wedding? "No, they just want the money," he quipped again. Meyers can ask more about that on Tuesday night when the bride-to-be is his guest.

As for whether any future line of questioning involves children/grandchildren, that will have to wait as well. But Brian Williams did get to weigh in on a viral video that's been making the rounds of a baby who cries whenever the newsman is on TV.

"(The baby's) being goaded by the dad," Williams insisted. "We have a video another nice family has sent us of a Golden Retriever who no matter what is going on in the house ... our theme comes on, my voice comes on, right into the den. He is a fantastic viewer."

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