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Guy wearing Sharon Stone T-shirt gets a photo with Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone's interrogation scene in the 1992 film "Basic Instinct" is memorable partly because of what she wasn't wearing. A fan drew the attention of the actress on the street for precisely what he was wearing.

In a photo posted on Reddit on Monday, user BenjaminNet wrote, "One of my friends was walking in Tel Aviv with his Basic Instinct t-shirt when ..."


And there posing on the street is the 55-year-old actress, and the friend of the Redditor, standing beside each other smiling. The man's T-shirt clearly shows Stone in the iconic "Instinct" scene, wearing her white dress with her legs crossed. The scene from the erotic thriller, also starring Michael Douglas, is famous for its view up Stone's dress as she crosses her legs in front of room full of male police detectives.

Most of us would probably be wearing something ridiculous when Sharon Stone passed us on the street. Maybe film stills on T-shirts aren't your thing, but this guy sure reached his target audience.

And when it comes to shirts, let's not forget Stone's legacy in that department. This is the woman who made fashion history by wearing a Gap turtleneck to the Oscars.