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Grissom contemplates a fresh start on ‘CSI’

The "CSI" team solves three murders that center around trying to make a clean break and failing miserably. 
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Victim No. 1: Sprig Grenigier calmly let her pot roast cook, turned on the news, changed into a bathing suit, and dove off her high-rise balcony onto a city bus. The case took Nick and Catherine to a hypnotist, who’d been helping Sprig lose weight — and hynotized the girl into robbing the bank where she worked. They surmised (but weren’t able to prove) that the hypnotist had gotten the girl to leap to her death by hypnotically suggesting that she was on her honeymoon diving into the ocean.

Victim No. 2: Paula Bolfilio was found in an alley, dead of blunt-force trauma to the head. Her eyes had also been pushed into her skull. Her son, Scott, told Grissom that she’d gambled away all his money. Casino tapes confirmed that after leaving her little daughter at casino daycare (nice touch), she’d left the casino with her loan shark, who assured the detectives he didn't kill Paula. When someone went to cash her last casino chip, they realized that Scott had killed her. What’s more, the young man wasn't actually her son, but her lover. They’d begun their relationship when he was 15 and she was his guidance counselor. And the little girl was their daughter. Scott just wanted a fresh start.

Victim No. 3: Pamela Adler had been in a coma for eight years after being raped and beaten, and died after her breathing tube was mysteriously removed. Her husband, Tom, confessed to the crime, but Sara didn’t want to believe it. The husband claimed that the rapist had come back and assaulted Pamela again, but it turned out he was lying to cover up his reasons for finally helping her die. He explained to Sara, “I realized the only one who was feeling any suffering was me … I just couldn’t move on and leave her like that.”

What do these stories have in common? They’re depressing? Well, yes, but they’re also about three people who were trying to get a fresh start, only to have it end disastrously. Earlier in the episode, Grissom told Sara he could believe that Tom would kill Pamela because their relationship had stagnated. “You need more than the safety of knowing you’re not alone,” he said, but then went on to say that Tom couldn’t bring himself to leave Pamela — Pamela had to leave him. At this point, Sara caught on. All of which is to say, this is beginning the lead-up to Grissom ultimately leaving the show.

Gross-out moment: Robbins showed Grissom Paula’s gouged-in eyes and told them they’d been “thumbed in.” “You know, they squish like grapes,” he said.

Does this mean I could rob a bank? The hypnotist says anyone is susceptible to hypnosis. “Have either of you two driven to work and forgotten how you got there?” Um, yes. Gulp.

End of Sara? At the end of the episode Sara packed up her bags. Since she’s leaving again, does this mean Grissom will finally find the strength to start over, too?