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Grissom announces he’s leaving ‘CSI’

On the trail of a serial killer, Grissom finds help from a criminology professor and former research pathologist, Dr. Raymond Langston, as played by "CSI's" new regular, Laurence Fishburne.
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It’s official: Yep, folks, Grissom announced that he is leaving CSI. Reactions varied, but everyone seemed stunned, except Catherine, who told Grissom that she knew he was going to leave before he did. Robbins said, “I think you’re nuts.” Nick puzzled over what Grissom was going to do next: “write a book, go off and study bugs somewhere?” Hodges was hurt and told Grissom to “have a nice life.” Wendy thanked him for his support and encouragement, and Grissom told her, “You earned it.” Grissom told Super Dave he would miss him, which left him proud and unable to speak. And Brass said they would go fishing on his boat. “You have a boat?” Grissom asked. “No,” Brass said. Typical Brass. You know he’ll miss Grissom the most.

Oh yeah, the murder: A man’s remains were found in a plastic bag in the woods. A Star of David and a missing persons file led the CSIs to believe that it was the body of Joel Steiner, who may have been the first victim of the infamous Dick and Jane Killer, DJK for short (reminiscent of BTK — the real-life Bind Torture Kill serial killer). DJK, a.k.a. Nathan Haskell, had killed at least seven couples in the mid 1990s. The male victims were all found, but the women were not. Victim No. 2 had two stab wounds, victim No. 3 had three, and so on. Haskell was serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

About that victim: Hodges realized that the shoes the victim had on were too new to be Joel Steiner’s. The victim turned out to be Gerald Tolliver, a collector of DJK memorabilia. Was the killer a DJK copycat, or a former accomplice?

Does this mean Lady Heather will return? Greg also connected victims Ian Wallace and Justine Stefani, from the unsolved S&M crime in “Leave Out All the Rest” (this season’s Lady Heather episode) to the Tolliver killer. Wallace, Stefani and Steiner had all been at concerts the night before they were abducted, which led the CSIs to a couple of guys who’d bought scalped tickets that had belonged to Wallace from a guy named Curtis Keensey, who was then found murdered in his own home. He’d been dead for a month. His killer had to be the new DJK wannabe.

Meet the Professor: Laurence Fishburne made his “CSI” debut as Dr. Raymond Langston. (Perhaps named for Langston Hughes?) Grissom sat in on Langston’s criminology class in which he let the students have a teleconference with the jailed DJK. According to Grissom, Langston had been a research pathologist at a hospital on the East Coast. An “angel of death” was picking off patients, but Langston was unable to connect the dots even though the evidence all passed by his desk. He later wrote a book about the experience. “Any good?” Brass asked. “I liked it,” Grissom replied.

From the mouth of a killer: Inspired by Hannibal Lecter, DJK opened up about the art of being a killer. He told the students that he enjoyed “taking something away from somebody,” and that subdued his victims by giving them hope, saying, “They will grab at any chance to survive.” When Joel Steiner’s mother showed up in class and demanded to know where her son was buried, DJK decided to tell Langston. But when they got to the body, they found another, fresher one with 10 stab wounds, and realized a serial killer is still on the loose. “Guess you won’t be leaving just yet,” Brass told Grissom. But, friends, sadly his exit will come soon.