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Grey's Anatomy Star Hates Musicals, Gets Auto-Tuned (But He's OK With That)

Could there be more singing and dancing doctors in Shonda Rhimes' future?
/ Source: E!online

Could there be more singing and dancing doctors in Shonda Rhimes' future?

While the Grey's Anatomy musical episode hasn't even aired yet, one of the show's stars says he there's definitely potential for more musical medicine on the hit ABC drama...

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"I kind of hoped that it was going to be a two-parter because it's just so kind of overwrought with talent and passion and power," Jesse Williams told us at the John Varvatos Stuart House benefit in West Hollywood.

Funny enough, Williams also admitted, "I hate musicals. I'm not really into them."

In other words, don't look (or listen, that is) for any Jesse solos during the highly-anticipated episode.

"I'm not singing," he laughed. "I think they layer me nicely into like a seven-part mass surgical harmony and I might even be auto-tuned."

That doesn't mean the hunky blue-eyed actor didn't prepare his pipes prior to shooting.

"We had a really amazing, amazing vocal coach who is wonderful," he said. "She invited me to come back. I think she was wincing when she said it, so I don't know. We'll see...I mean, she was being very positive. It's very hard for me to believe it. You know, there's other stuff I can do. Singing just ain't one of them."

Williams is looking forward to the summer break. He said he'll probably head New York to spend time with family back in Brooklyn and hopefully book a movie, too. "I'm excited to break out of the scrubs," he said, smiling. "But I'm mostly excited to just kick back and relax."

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