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'Grey's Anatomy' star: April's decision 'will have repercussions for' many

Instead of a seamless dream wedding, April Kepner (Sarah Drew) had hers wrecked by her ex on "Grey's Anatomy."

"Grey's Anatomy's" midseason finale left fans — and Sarah Drew's April Kepner — stunned when Jackson Avery stood up at her wedding and declared that he was in love with her. The wait to see who April picks is over, and star Drew told TODAY that fans won't have to wait until the end of Thursday's new episode to find out whether she'll go ahead and marry fiance Matthew, or literally leave him at the altar for her ex.

"We will know April's decision right away," Drew said. "The decision will be made within the first images of the spring premiere. ... It will have repercussions for lots of different people."

"The first scene when we come back is really a beautiful shot," she added.

The actress (obviously) wouldn't drop any hints as to whether Jackson (Jesse Williams) or Matthew (Justin Bruening) will be the lucky guy, but she did say she has "mixed feelings" about April's decision. 

"I just think she's sort of put in an impossible situation when Jackson stands up in the barn at her wedding because there is no way for somebody to not be hurt in that scenario," she explained. "Even if she just hesitates for a second but then chooses Matthew, it's still going to cause pain in her relationship with Matthew. But it's also going to be devastating for Jackson. But if she chooses Jackson ... she's just going to feel like she's destroyed this other guy's life. There's no way to win this scenario, but we'll win in terms of drama!"

And thanks to Jackson's declaration of love, there will be plenty of drama to come as the doctors of Grey-Sloan Memorial deal with the aftermath. 

"Something very dramatic happened in that barn that everybody was privy to," Drew reminded. "They're still going to be working at the same hospital together and that could potentially cause conflict in handling cases and engaging with one another in the halls of the hospital. ... (It) will create tension."

That will be undeniably true for Jackson's girlfriend, resident Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton). 

"I don't know how that relationship with her and Jackson can be recovered," Drew admitted. "But I think just the act of being so publicly rejected affects Stephanie so much that it then affects whoever she's working with at any given time because it's really hard to walk around the halls, casing everybody who just watched you be looked over for somebody."

As for Jackson and April? "They have such a strong friendship that it may take a while to recover," Drew said theoretically. "But I think that they will always eventually find their way back to their friendship."

"Grey's Anatomy" returns for part two of season 10 on Thursday at 9 p.m. on ABC.