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Grey's Anatomy: James Tupper Returns to Kidnap Teddy!

You heard us. James Tupper (Men in Trees, Mercy) is back at Seattle Grace this week, and he's there to carry Teddy (Kim Raver) away to another country.
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You heard us. James Tupper (Men in Trees, Mercy) is back at Seattle Grace this week, and he's there to carry Teddy (Kim Raver) away to another country.

Will she go? Or will he stay on the show for season eight? (Hint: He's ready and willing.)

Here's what the hot doc told us we can look forward to from Teddy's love triangle on Grey's Anatomy:

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Q&A with Grey's Anatomy Guest Star James Tupper

When you were first on the show, your character, Dr. Andrew Perkins, was really entangled in Seattle's recovery from the trauma of the shooting rampage. Are things a little more positive for him this time around?Well, one would hope. Teddy up and got married while I was gone, and I think I have been living this very nomadic life. [But] I made a decision: I want to settle down, so I proposed to her that we live our life in Germany at a military facility. And I am hoping that she will agree to it, but of course there is always controversy at Seattle Grace...

How would you characterize Andrew and Teddy's feelings for each other? I feel like it's the seed of something that could grow into a really giant forest. We're beginning to have deeper feelings. I have made the decision that I want to settle down with her, which I have never done before.

You mentioned a military base--are the armed services something they share an interest in?I think the main thing they have in common is their fear of commitment.

How can your character date her while she is legally married?Well, as you know, she only got married to him because he needed medical coverage so I guess it's a marriage of convenience of sorts, but she has not made a commitment. I think Scott Foley's character wants a commitment from her [as does Andrew], so it's decision time at Seattle Grace.

Do you think it's going to work out for Teddy and Andrew?Well, listen, I would like you to do one of those online polls like, 'Who would you date?' I want you to do it and then I am going to show them because I think we're right for each other. I mean he has been on the show the whole season but I still think...Vote for me is what I am telling the fans.


How does Grey's compare to your previous TV experiences, and what was it like coming on to such a long-running show?I don't know that I have enjoyed a cast so much. There is this feeling when you're there that they have all come up out of a theater background or a feeling of, 'Let's work this,' and any time you get that on a set, the best idea wins, the best way to do the scene wins. When people are supporting each other and trying to get the most creative energy, it just creates a much better project and there is a feeling of success there.

I remember when we sat down for the reading, and they announced that this was episode get to that level is a milestone, I felt honored to just be a witness to it. And Eric Dane came up to me on the first day, 'Hey welcome, James! I saw you on Men in Trees, you're great,' and everyone has that open feeling instead of being competitive and weird and worrying about their own place. They're all very supportive and clued me in on what it's like on set; they have my back. I invited Eric Dane and his wife over and we're going to have a swimming party at the house.

Have you talked to the writers about whether your character might stick around long-term? We have not discussed anything.

Would you be interested in an extended run on the show?I love the show, I really enjoy the show and I love the cast. I think it's just a wonderful show and they're doing great work. There still maintaining a very huge viewership. I told you, I have done a lot of projects and as often as I run into someone who recognizes me from something else, I run into someone who is like 'You're on Grey's Anatomy' and I have only been on for seven episodes. It's kind of amazing. I love it there. Sandra Oh and I, we were both in Montreal in drama school and we knew all of these people in common.

Is there one particular scene or story turn that you're most exited for in the upcoming episodes?The most compelling for me is when Kim Raver is going to choose my character to be with. [Laughs.]

James Tupper can be seen next in the major motion picture Mr. Popper's Penguins (premiering June 17); he's currently in Shreveport, La., shooting Playing the Field with Uma Thurman, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Dennis Quaid and Jessica Biel.

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