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'Grey's Anatomy' finale shocker: Death in the dark

Eric McCandless / Today
Bailey and Callie face frightening situations in the dark halls of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Shonda Rhimes recently promised "Grey's Anatomy" fans that they'd need to "hug a friend" to the weather the storm during Thursday's season finale, and the show's creator was not lying.

With a perfect storm outside and no power inside, it was one fright after another in the halls of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Oh, baby!
First, Meredith went into labor and required a C-section -- by flashlight. But no sooner was baby Bailey born than he was whisked away to NICU with Daddy McDreamy. Just one problem: Dr. Grey was still on the table, bleeding out in the dark.

"Meredith Grey has survived a bomb, a drowning, a gunman and a plane crash -- and she's still here," Cristina reminded Derek once they learned of her condition. "She's going to die when she's like 90, old and warm in her bed. She's not going to die today."

Well, thanks to quick-acting, grown-up Bailey, Cristina was right about that last part. (Whew!)

RIP, relationships
Meredith survived, but the love connection between Callie and Arizona? Not so much. Callie realized that Arizona was finding comfort in the arms of Lauren, and Arizona lashed out. It seems her decision to stray didn't have anything to do with arms, but it had everything to do with a leg -- or the lack of a leg.

Looks like that partnership is as dead as Owen and Cristina's. (Yeah, that happened too.)

There are worse deaths -- like the one that seemed to befall one beloved character.

In an effort to restore the power, Dr. Webber went down to fix the electrical situation with a simple flip of a switch. Unfortunately, electricity and the puddle Richard was standing in just didn't mix. He was last seen lying very still, eyes closed, wrapped in smoldering clothes.

Of course, no one was around to call the time of death, so there's still hope. (Right?!)