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Green Hornet Star: From Red Carpet to the Slammer

UPDATE: Furlong was released after posting $75,000 bail, according to legal records.___________________________
/ Source: E!online

UPDATE: Furlong was released after posting $75,000 bail, according to legal records.___________________________

Such is the life in Hollywood: One night you're hanging out with Seth Rogen at the premiere of your big comeback movie. The next day, you're cooling your heels in an L.A. jail.

Sucks to be you, Edward Furlong.

The erstwhile Terminator 2 star, who has a small, but key role in Rogen's Green Hornet, has found himself saying hasta las vista to his freedom--at least temporarily--for violating a restraining order his estranged wife had taken out against him.

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Furlong, 33, turned up in court at 11:30 a.m. for a progress report regarding his probation for pleading no contest in November to leaving Mel Gibson-like rants on the voicemail of his soon-to-be former missus, Rachel Kneeland--a no-no under the restraining order in place since their divorce.

According to the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office, Furlong again breached the restraining order last month by coming within 50 yards of Kneeland last month. That prompted the judge to toss Furlong into the clink, where he remains on $75,000 bail.

No other information was immediately available on the nature of the latest violation or how long the onetime teen heartthrob will have to spend behind bars. However, a probation violation hearing is set for, ironically enough, Valentine's Day.

A rep for Furlong was unavailable for comment.

Furlong and Kneeland, an actress whose stage name is Rachel Bella, were married for three years until she filed for divorce in July 2009 and sought custody of their young son, Ethan.

In September of that year, a judge signed a temporary restraining order on Kneeland's behalf after she accused Furlong of hitting her in a drug-fueled rage. The actor, who has a history of drug abuse, multiple stints in rehab, and various run-ins with the law, was subsequently placed in "lockdown" at a psychiatric facility and later charged with a misdemeanor.

Last August, Kneeland was granted another temporary restraining order after he allegedly threatened her current boyfriend.

Despite his bad predicament, Furlong hasn't been without work. He plays as a drug dealer in The Green Hornet, which opens on Friday.

--Reporting by Ashley Fultz

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