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Great gramps! TODAY fans share their own 'hot grandpa' pics

While "hot grandpa" was a welcomed sight earlier this week, he wasn't a rare one. There are plenty of easy-on-the-eyes granddads out there!
/ Source: TODAY

A vintage photo of an easy-on-the-eyes G.I. shared by his grandson had Reddit buzzing Monday, and soon the rest of the Internet was swooning over "hot grandpa."

But as it turns out, while that granddad was a welcomed sight, you could fill a few platoons with the all the studly grandpas out there!

That's what learned when our readers shared their own throwback pics of grandfathers in their heydays.

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Just take a look at some of these oh-so-handsome faces:

Erica Sewell posted a picture of her own swoon-worthy gramps.

Hot grandpas
Facebook via Erica Sewell

Kazia Gemmill described her grandfather, as "a great big bear of a man — 6'4 and muscular till the day he died in his late 80s."

Hot grandpas
Facebook via Kazia Gemmill

"Pretty studly and great hair," is how Stephanie Bellin Dunster summed up her grandfather during his WW II days.

Hot grandpas
Facebook via Stephanie Bellin Dunster

Like so many of these men, Kate Kelley's granddad was much more than just a looker. He "fought in the Pacific theater and received [two] purple hearts," she wrote.

Hot grandpas
Facebook via Kate Kelley

Kathy P. Naughton's grandfather served in both WWII and Korea.

Hot grandpas
Facebook via Kathy P Naughton

Jennifer Terry never got to meet her grandfather. But she's happy to have photos, and we're happy she shared one great one with us.

Hot grandpas
Facebook via Jennifer Terry

"[One] of the best men I have ever known!" Erica Strode McCombs said of her handsome grandfather — seen here on the left. (Next to a man who must be someone else's hot grandpa.)

Hot grandpas
Facebook via Erica Strode McCombs

Kristine Podolinski said her grandpa was "a very proud Marine." His smiles says it all.

Hot grandpas
Facebook via Kristine Podolinski

Get a glimpse of Jennifer O'Connell's granddad, who another commenter described as having "Hollywood good looks." We agree!

Hot grandpas
Facebook via Jennifer O'Connell

Kelly Castillo shared a sweet shot of her "good looking grandpa," too.

Hot grandpas
Facebook via Kelly Castillo

Of course, grandpas weren't the only ones looking good back in the day:

"I see your hot grandpa and raise my debonair uncle," wrote Karen Kegelman.

Hot uncle
Facebook via Karen Kegelman

And there was more than one dad who had us doing a double-take, too:

"My dad was a pretty sharp Marine! This was in Guantanamo Bay during the Cuban Missile Crisis," Corky Carey Jackson wrote alongside a lovely photo of her late father.

Hot dad
Corky Carey Jackson

Amanda Clark told us her "father-in-law looked pretty sharp in his Navy days, and he is STILL quite dashing!"

Hot dad
Facebook via Amanda Clark

What a remarkable group of guys. We salute them all!

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