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Grant Bowler, Kathie Lee share a gooey chocolate kiss

How irresistible is Kathie Lee? She's so enticing that Aussie hunk Grant Bowler wanted to kiss her even with melted chocolate biscuits smeared all over her teeth.

The “Defiance” star paid a visit Friday to KLG and Hoda to discuss his Syfy show, but he also wanted to show them a trick from the folks Down Under.

“As the new cultural ambassador for Australia, I’m going to teach you something that’s going to carry you through the rest of your life,” Bowler said.

It’s called the Tim Tam explosion, sometimes referred to as the Tim Tam slam. It involves biting two corners off the chocolate malted biscuit, then using the cookie like a straw to sip a cup of hot tea or coffee. Just as the drink reaches the top of the cookie, the entire thing gets popped into your mouth before it explodes into one gooey mess.


Kathie Lee pulled off the trick with plenty of aplomb and a complete disregard for how she looked with brown ooze sliding down her teeth.

“You’re beautiful,” Bowler cooed.

“Kiss me,” KLG told him, her mouth still full of melted Tim Tam.

“I love you,” he said, before the two locked lips.

The awkward moment left Hoda squealing out of part disgust and part disbelief.