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Grandma goes bananas when Mick Jagger joins Taylor Swift on stage

One of the pop princess's many guests from her "1989" tour was more exciting than the main act for someone in the audience.
/ Source: TODAY

Taylor Swift's guest performers on her "1989" tour have usually been powerful and empowering females. But over the weekend she expanded that lineup — and in the process made one 72-year-old fan very, very happy.

Taylor Swift The 1989 World Tour Live In Nashville - Night 2
Taylor Swift and Mick Jagger.John Shearer / Getty Images Contributor

In videos posted on YouTube Sunday of Swift's Saturday show in Nashville, grandma (wearing a Taylor Swift T-shirt) simply goes nuts when Mick Jagger swaggers out onto the stage for a rousing rendition of the Rolling Stones' "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" with Swift. She clutches her hands to her chest, face beaming and dances along, transformed into a squealing teenager again.

It's a magic moment no one could have planned for, according to one of the videos' YouTube page. The notes indicate that the tickets were bought a year go, when no one even knew Swift would have special guests. The poster continued that "my mom has had a lifelong dream of going to a Stones concert, but due to a serious health issue this past year she missed their tour. It was upsetting to her and a big disappointment."

Nevertheless, she flew to Nashville two days before the big show and when Jagger came out "it was like he walked on stage just for her."

After the show, Swift made the woman's night even better by re-posting one of the videos on Twitter!

Noted the poster, "My daughter is taking grandma's moment in the sun well, considering we went to Taylor for her!!"

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