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Grammy Red Carpet Quotes: "Naked, That's the Trick"

The stars have piled into the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles for the Grammy Awards, and they had plenty to say as they made their way in. Check out the best of their chats with Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic!
/ Source: E!online

The stars have piled into the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles for the Grammy Awards, and they had plenty to say as they made their way in. Check out the best of their chats with Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic!

"I thought it was amazing! It made me really, really happy! I was dancing around my kitchen!"--Florence Welch, telling Giuliana what her reaction was to seeing her song performed on Glee

"It's about just remembering to stay calm and knowing that it's gonna go well and not worrying. I don't really get nervous."--Justin Bieber, calmly talking about how he keeps a clear head as he manages the world of fame around him

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"I feel like this is gonna be the album that will define my career...I'm trying to outdo my last album."--B.O.B., revealing what we're in store for when his next album arrives

"My Twitter followers are a little disappointed in me that we're friendly-ish. I'm losing my street cred. You're taking me down"--Kathy Griffin, joking with Ryan on why their friendship could be hurting her career

"This one belongs here. I am crashing the party, I should say."--Dianna Agron, joking that Glee costar Amber Riley is the star who really belongs at the Grammys

"They're a little jealous, just because they have to go out on the Glee tour. They all have to go together!"--Glee's Matthew Morrison on how the rest of the cast are taking the news that he gets to go out on tour in support of his solo album

"This is all my hair. At night I press a certain button and my hair grows up, and I press another button to activate the color on it."--Nicki Minaj on how she manages to style her hair so creatively

"It feels like all the people who are hearing this song are changing their lives, so I'm very happy."--Willow Smith, on how it makes her feel when she hears her song on the radio

"That's what I love. I love simple songs that hit you right in the face. And that's all I wanted to say, 'Baby, you're amazing.' "--Bruno Mars on what he loves about his song "Just the Way You Are"

"There's an amazing little boy named Carlo, who the band loves so much, an incredible talent, and he passed away. He was 10 years old. The whole show is for him, but especially if we win."--Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine on who'll be on his mind during tonight's show

"Lady Gaga is in creative embryonic stage and won't be born until her performance this evening."--Supermodel Nurse Anne V, providing an update on how the singer is holding up inside her "womb"

"I loved it. It wasn't a concert movie. I was a documentary. And I really liked how they told his story and I thought he was so relatable."--Selena Gomez, dishing on what she loved about Justin Bieber's movies Never Say Never

"I don't actually know! I just know I have to be ready by 6 o'clock."--Julianne Hough, revealing she isn't quite sure what boyfriend Ryan Seacrest has planned for Valentine's Day

"I stay up, 72 hours, I bang on doors. You don't bang on my door on the cruise; I bang on fans' doors all night. We party on the deck all night."--Donnie Wahlberg on the good times that will be had on the upcoming NKOTB cruise

"I love it. I can't even sleep at night because I can't wait to see what I'm gonna wear the next day."--Jennifer Hudson, on how happy she is with her fantastic figure

"It's the recognition of your colleagues. It's the industry telling you you're doing a good job. It means a lot."--Ricky Martin, on how a Grammy win changes an artist's career

"I did a walk-back because I didn't want to get hate mail. I just did a walk-back, because I know how that hate mail can be--there's some die-hard Bieber fans."--Miley Cyrus, revealing to Ryan that she was a little caution during a scene in Never Say Never where Justin Bieber put his hand on her hip

"He didn't. I pretty much snatched it off the runway."--Rihanna, when asked if designer Jean-Paul Gaultier told her that her dress would be so revealing

"My husband's a bullrider, and I'm a musician; I'm hoping he takes after me."--A pregnant Jewel, telling Giuliana she's kind of hoping her son follows in her footsteps, which sound a little safer

"I got people that come over to my house that don't have Social Security numbers, and I just don't want nothing to slip away."--Jamie Foxx, being honest about why he doesn't keep his Grammy or Oscar in his house

"There comes a time in life where you have to reflect on where you're presently at and music is the best vehicle to help you get through those moments."--Diddy, on the therapeutic power of music in his life

"That's rule No. 1. You never let on like you have a plan. You always play it like you don't have a plan."--Seal, giving Ryan some tips on how to have a successful Valentine's Day

"Naked, that's the trick, you gotta sing naked."--Sea's wife, Heidi Klum, giving her own bit of Valentine's advice

"She knew Justin Bieber right when he got out of the car!"--Katy Perry, telling Ryan that her grandmother, who was invited to the ceremony for her 90th birthday, is up on her pop culture figures

"I'm still a fan. I love music. I love making music. I'm not jaded. I just went in really open and fresh...As we get older, if we're lucky, you make peace with yourself and accept yourself."--Lenny Kravitz, dishing to Ryan why he thinks his upcoming album is his best

"It might be a little less campy. Less rhinestones, more leather. That's my mission this time around."--Adam Lambert on the "change" in tone we can expect on his new album

"We were having such a good time in our little bubble before it aired, and now, it's overwhelming. I just enjoy watching the show as if I wasn't on it!"--Jennifer Lopez on how surreal it is to be a host on American Idol

"I think she's spot on! You could see that her initial gut was right on when some of [the contestants] weren't quite there."--J.Lo's hubby, Marc Anthony, on how he thinks his wife's calls on the show are right on

"I think it's about authenticity. Record songs that come from a real place.":--Nominee Keith Urbran on the key to writing a hit song

"Adam [Sandler] called me up and said, 'Come and have fun with us in Maui,' so I said, 'OK.' "--Nicole Kidman, revealing that it was actually pretty easy to shift from her dramatic role in Rabbit Hole to Just Go With It

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