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Grace shows off pasties to prove nothing slipped on 'DWTS'

twitter.com/NancyGraceHLN / Today

Ever since Monday night’s “Dancing With the Stars” performance show aired, all of the ballroom buzz has centered on Nancy Grace’s wardrobe mishap — or as Grace herself would call it, that thing that never happened.

The prosecutor-turned-TV-host continues to deny that a dreaded nip slip ever occurred, despite video evidence that appears to contradict her stance. So what’s a legal eagle to do? Why, take her case to Twitter, of course.

That’s just what Grace did on Tuesday night. In an effort to prove that whatever fans saw, they didn’t see her forbidden flesh, she posted a photo of what she had on underneath her glittering garb.

“Evidence, re: my alleged 'wardrobe malfunction,' which I vehemently deny: Breast Petals & industrial strength bra,” Grace tweeted along with a shot of her preferred pasty product.

What do you think? Was Grace really covered up more than show clips suggest? Watch the video for yourself and then share your thoughts on our Facebook page.


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