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Grab the Ben & Jerry's: Keira Knightley No Longer Getting Benefits From Rupert Friend

Guess it wasn't all good news engagements and babies over the holidays.
/ Source: E!online

Guess it wasn't all good news engagements and babies over the holidays.

Putting an end to the rumor mill whispers, Keira Knightley's father has come out and confirmed that his movie star daughter parted ways with her live-in beau of five years Rupert Friend just before Christmas.

So what happened?

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"Yes, they have broken up," Will Knightley told London's The Sun. "But that's the way things go, unfortunately. The only option is to get on with things."

Talk about your stiff upper lip.

"They were together for quite a long time and it is always hard breaking up," he added. "She's focused on her work."

As for Friend, his rep declined to comment on the split.

The 25-year-old Atonement star first met the 29-year-old Friend back in 2005, when both were working on Pride and Prejudice. At the time of filming, Knightley was dating model Jamie Dornan, but the two quickly went their separate ways and it wasn't long before she and Friend coupled up.

The infamously private couple lived for years in Knightley's central London pad, but moved last year after tiring of paparazzi intrusion. The burglaries probably didn't help much, either.

There's no word exactly on what went wrong in the relationship, though the usual go-to about the pressures of a woman out-earning and out-faming her man have of course surfaced. The near-constant paparazzi presence is also said to have annoyed both, but particularly Friend.

According to The Sun, the duo ran into particular trouble in early December (right about the time Friend began making public appearances with his mother instead of his presumptive girlfriend), and sources said that they ultimately decided to remain friends after a pre-Christmas heart-to-heart.

But it's not all bad news for Keira--according to reports, she's one of just a few actresses who's been shortlisted for the much coveted role of Batman's leading lady in The Dark Knight Rises, and is expected to screen test for the part sometime in the next two weeks.

Now that's what we call a good rebound.

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