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Gossip mags battle over Jamie Lynn rumors

Jamie Lynn Spears' boyfriend told OK! magazine that he was faithful, but In Touch magazine has published photos of him kissing another woman.
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Sources at In Touch magazine are crying foul over OK!’s exclusive interview with Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge.

The point of contention: Aldridge says in his OK! interview that he never cheated on Spears.

In Touch, however, ran an exclusive interview with the alleged other woman, Kelli Dawson, who told the magazine in their Aug. 25 issue that she did have a relationship with Aldridge while he was with Spears.

So who’s to be believed?

“It’s an on-the-record interview with Casey and Jamie Lynn addressing every single aspect of the controversy,” OK!’s rep Brian Strong said in response. “(The interview) speaks for itself because we let Casey and Jamie Lynn speak for themselves.”

Much of the same can be said for In Touch, which also allowed Dawson to speak for herself. “We fully stand by our reporting,” says Letena Lindsay, a spokesperson for the magazine. “It’s interesting Casey told OK! that his only ‘relationship with (Kelli) was as a friend,’ since there are photos (of the two kissing) proving otherwise. The proof is in the pudding!”

Beyond the he-said, she-said aspect of the situation, another source close to In Touch claims that the Aldridge/Spears tell-all was shopped to all the weeklies, and they passed because the In Touch reporting and photos made Aldridge’s claims ridiculous. So why run with it?

“Journalistically, In Touch was thorough with the story, but at the end of the day, we’re talking about Britney Spears’ sister, who’s about to have a huge comeback, and by extension, a huge exclusive deal with a weekly,” says the source. “The sisters are managed by two entities, but their dad still works out their magazine deals. (Father) Jamie Spears didn’t like what was being said about Jamie Lynn, OK! came in and fixed it, and they’ll be in the mix for Britney.”

No plans now for ‘Dark Knight’ sequel Reports of a “Dark Knight” sequel, Christopher Nolan’s “Batman 3,” leaked out Oct. 6. Given rumors that Johnny Depp was signed on to play the Riddler, and Philip Seymour Hoffman would play the Penguin, the sequel talk seemed plausible.

“Dark Knight” writer David Goyer, however, set the record straight for MTV.

“It’s all B.S., all of it,” Goyer said in reference to both the casting rumors, and the idea that the sequel would begin filming in February 2009.

According to Goyer, not only is there no script, but Nolan isn’t even officially signed on.

“Chris and I haven’t even talked about it. He quite understandably is taking a long, long vacation and wants to purge himself,” Goyer says.

Who's your daddy?Comedian and new dad David Spade spoke to Us magazine about his child with Playboy Playmate Jillian Grace.

“It catches you off guard emotionally,” Spade told the magazine Oct. 4. He confirmed that although he hasn’t met his baby girl, born Aug. 26, he does plan to “soon.”

Drew Barrymore gets political Add another celebrity to the list of Barack Obama supporters. Drew Barrymore for the first time is publicly pledging herself to the Democratic party.

Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. on the "Let's Be Cops," red carpet, Selena Gomez is immortalized in wax and more.

“It’s the first time I’ve really admitted I’m a Democrat,” she told Harper’s Bazaar in their November issue.

Barrymore goes on to say she supports Obama, but isn’t supportive of women who aren’t voting because Hillary Clinton wasn’t nominated.

“It hurts me to see women so upset that she didn’t get in. Not voting because you’re angry? That won’t work,” she says.

Barrymore recently directed a documentary, “The Best Place To Start,” which advocates voter registration. “Does anyone really want to hear from me?" she asks. "But I think people know I’m not just a party girl. I’m a producer, a director, an actor; I believe in philanthropy.”

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