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Gospel singer's hilarious song about quarantine snacking goes viral

We feel seen.
/ Source: TODAY

At the fridge again!

A singer’s funny song about snacking during lockdown has gone viral.

KD French, a gospel singer in Atlanta, Georgia, posted a video of herself singing both the lead and background vocals of her highly relatable ode to the irresistible pull of the fridge.

“Somebody stop me, I’m at the fridge,” she sings while the background vocals echo, “She’s at the fridge again!”

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“I think it’s time for my snack now but it’s only been two minutes since the last visit,” she continues in her powerhouse gospel style. “What about the chicken? Mashed potatoes? Collared greens? Or some fruit? Or a melon? Ice cream? How ‘bout a pickle? Popsicle? Or a slice of cheese?”

French’s hilarious song clearly struck a chord, racking up more than 9.5 million views across Facebook and YouTube.

“Gurl, you need to stop looking in my window!” one person commented on her video.

“This is the official COVID19 lockdown weight gain anthem,” another fan wrote.

“Pose” star Billy Porter also shared the video on his Instagram page.

“Don’t act like y’all can’t relate.....” he wrote in the caption. “Who’s been to the fridge again?”

French joined TODAY live on Tuesday to talk about the viral video, and she said inspiration for the song struck one day during a visit to the refrigerator.

"I just ran with it. I was at the fridge again for the 20th time within an hour, seriously, and I just ran with it," she said. "A beat started coming. See, there is rhythm in everything we do, I feel."

She added that she has been "overwhelmed with joy" by the amazing response to her viral video.

"This is insane, I am sweating in crevice areas I didn’t know I had!" she said.

Savannah Guthrie also suggested some possible follow-up hit videos, such as "In the Pantry Again" or "At the Bar Again."

French regularly shares gospel videos on social media, singing her own nine-part lead and background vocals to religious songs like “I Shall Wear a Crown” and “Show Me the Way,” but this looks like her first pandemic-related tune.

Like many people stuck home in lockdown, French says she has found herself constantly wandering over to the fridge in search of snacks.

“One day I was sitting in the house and it was like boredom set in,” she said in an interview with CNN. “I got tired of watching Netflix and … I was probably at the fridge more than I was watching the TV.”

She added that she loved her video was putting a smile on people’s faces.

“All of us are going through something. And we can see it every day on the news, one thing over here and another thing over there,” she told CNN. “And I’m just grateful to be in the category of laughter. Laughter heals, it helps.”

Also, making the video had another personal upside.

“At least making this song kept me from the fridge for about an hour!!” she joked in the caption. “Jumping jacks, sit ups, and running are in my future!! I can see it... but not today!!!”