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Gosling shows off sock-wearing, mohawked dog on 'Fallon'

Theo Wargo / Getty Images / Today
Ryan Gosling and his dog George on the set of "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" at Rockefeller Center on July 20 in New York.

Actor Ryan Gosling, who's out and about promoting his new film "Crazy, Stupid, Love," is a big-screen stud, but he may be lacking in a little self-confidence.

On Wednesday night's appearance on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon," Gosling came out on stage with his pooch George. "He's more interesting than I am, so I thought it'd be helpful to have him out here," the actor told Fallon. And indeed, George was quite the conversation piece.

The cute pooch not only sports a sock on his hind right foot (at least he wore a sock, which his owner can't say for himself), he also rocks a head-to-tail mohawk. Gosling explained that the daring 'do was because without it, George turns into a "jerk." As for the sock? The actor said that George suffers from a condition called hot spot, which is an infected area of skin that worsens when a dog licks and chews on it. Awwww, poor pooch!

But Gosling wasn't hanging with Fallon just to show off his dog, he was there to talk about his new film. So of course, the discussion naturally went from dog to his ... umm ... unpleasant experience at a Turkish bath. Which involved licking a man's "hairy, sweaty belly."

Check out the interview:

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