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Gordon Ramsay: Posh, Becks are ‘great foodies’

The celebrity chef reveals that he wanted to have good pal Victoria Beckham as a guest on “Hell’s Kitchen,” and also dishes on the Beckham’s food preferences.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Gordon Ramsay, the baddest and most foul-mouthed chef, returns to television on April 1, with the premiere of Season 4 of "Hell’s Kitchen" on Fox.

Once again, Ramsay’s shouting, furious slinging of bad food in the trash (to the dismay of shaken contestants), and his general antics, will keep us glued to our screens all season long even if Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham doesn’t make a guest appearance.

"I thought about having Victoria on as one of the ladies from Beverly Hills in (a) cooking lesson," Ramsay told Access Hollywood of his pop star pal’s almost-visit. "She decided to tour with the Spice Girls. It was a shame because we missed each other by literally a week, otherwise … it would (have been) quite nice to see her attending one of the cooking classes in the kitchen with me breathing down her neck."

Ramsay and his wife, Tana, are longtime pals of Victoria and her soccer-playing husband, David. The couples have been pictured together in the U.K. tabloids, often on dinner nights out.

"They’re great foodies," Ramsay said of the Beckhams. "Victoria eats … in a very healthy manner, nothing over drizzled with olive oil, fat, cream or butter and things lightly steamed. So if you had to eat everything steamed for the next couple of months, you’d see a big difference in your weight."

Becks though, goes for richer dishes, Ramsay explained.

"David on the other hand is quite a gourmet," Ramsay said. "Having played football in Spain, France and obviously the U.K., he loves his food and he keeps incredibly well fit, so he’s allowed to eat a lot as well and packed with protein. They’re great foodies."