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Good news, sleepyheads: some of late night's best franchises live on online 

It's a scary realization when you get to an age in life where late-night television starts to feel like it really is on too late. If it seems like some of the best comedy on TV is best suited for college kids who never go to bed, stop losing sleep over it. While sacrificing some sleep or firing up your DVR is certainly a great option, we can help you streamline your effort to stay in the know during your waking hours. 

Thanks to the the wonders of YouTube, plus incredibly contagious comedy franchises from some of the kings of late night television, if you know where online to look, you can make the most of the late night TV you missed and have the funniest Facebook feed around. 

Most shareable segments: "Remotes"
For all of the charm and wit in his monologue and during celebrity interviews, Conan O'Brien's comedic strength really shines when he leaves the studio for "remote" segments. If you're going to spend time on his Team Coco page, reward yourself by watching O'Brien interact with show staffers or people in the real world. Associate producer Jordan Schlansky is the hilariously deadpan focus of several skits, and graphic designer Pierre Bernard found himself in O'Brien's sites during a recent revealing visit. Also, check out O'Brien's visit to Santa Anita Park where he called a live horse race. 

'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'
Most shareable segments: Musical stunts
The "Tonight Show" is going to get much more musical when Jimmy Fallon takes over for the departing Jay Leno in 2014. In the meantime, appreciating Fallon's 12:30-in-the-morning antics means spending most of your time on YouTube watching him whip his hair as Neil Young or play little kid instruments with Carly Rae Jepsen. And until Justin Timberlake gets his own late-night show, we can count of Fallon to keep bringing him back for some of the buzziest videos of the bunch.

'Jimmy Kimmel Live'
Most shareable segments: Snark, pranks
The snark missing from other late-night hosts has a happy home over on Jimmy Kimmel's page. When the studio audience's reaction is punctuated by groans and "awwwws," you know you've found a special breed of video clip (mean tweets, lie witness news, unnecessary censorship) for your more sarcastic Facebook followers. Kimmel has also proven he's the king of the prank skit, and the viral reaction to his twerking fail video is solid proof.

'Late Show with David Letterman'
Most shareable segments: Extended concerts
The top 10 list and stupid pet tricks may have been worth staying up late for 20 years ago, but times change and YouTube videos for those gags just don't draw online viewers. Aside from the primo celebrity interviews, the "Late Show" wins with its "Live on Letterman" series, which features extended concerts from top musical guests at the Ed Sullivan Theater. So if you're itching for more than a 3-minute song rolling into the show's closing credits, go to bed and enjoy these online later.