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Golfer makes $1 million sacrifice for birth of his baby 

How many men would risk giving up $1 million in prize money to attend the birth of their first child?

Probably not a lot, Hoda and Kathie Lee posit. And yet, that’s exactly what golfer Hunter Mahan did over the weekend, earning him the "nice guy of the week" award from the ladies.

“This guy is adorable,” KLG declared.


Mahan was leading the Canadian Open when he learned his pregnant wife, who was a month away from her due date, had gone into labor early.

“Because he’s a great husband, he packed it up,” Hoda said. “He was out in front, he got out of there, he flew home. He didn’t get the million-dollar prize.”

But KLG noted Mahan got “something much better – he got his little girl, Zoe Olivia, born at 3:26 Sunday morning.”

Not many men would make that kind of million-dollar sacrifice, she said. She recalled how her husband, former NFL announcer Frank Gifford, barely missed a beat when they got married.

“Frank missed a game, let’s put it that way. You know what I’m saying?” she said. “We got married on a Sunday and he was at Monday Night Football that Monday.”