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Golf balls & podcasts: KLG and Hoda's favorite things

Sometimes favorite things are fashioned from highly unexpected objects. Like, say, golf balls? 

"I was walking out on the plaza a couple of days ago," explained Hoda, "when this guy said he had something for me. I said, 'What is it?' He gave it to me — it looked like a golf ball on a corkscrew. But look what he did — he hand-carved what's inside — a golfball!" she said, holding it up. "His name is Jack and he's from the Quad Cities."

"It's adorable! It looks like one of those Muppet guys!" said Kathie Lee.

Kathie Lee's favorite thing was also a bit unexpected, although in an entirely different way. "Mine is something brand-new. I've never done it before. You know me with the iPhone and the iPad and — no twerking — but the wweeting. Now, this coming Wednesday for the first time, I'm going to have something called a podcast. The show is called 'Kathie Lee and Company' and my first guest is Regis Philbin!"

Regis and KLG, back together!

"Of course it is!" said Hoda. "When am I gonna be on?"

"You're on in three weeks," said KLG.

"What. Ever," joked Hoda, rolling her eyes.  

Ladies, ladies! You know we'll listen to all of them!

To make sure you don't miss an episode, log on to PodcastOne.com, and search "Kathie Lee and Company." Happy listening!