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Goldie Hawn says she changed daughter Kate's name mid-labor due to 1 big kick

Rebecca Hudson? Hawn just opened up about the moment when she changed her mind about her baby girl's name.
/ Source: TODAY

In 1979, Goldie Hawn was pregnant with her second child with then-husband Bill Hudson, and she thought she had it all figured out. She was going to give birth to a baby girl named Rebecca — at least that was the plan before she went into labor.

That’s when something happened that bowled the iconic actress over and caused her to suddenly realize she was actually carrying a Kate.

Hudson, Hawn, and Hudson's daughter Rani Rose, pose for the cover of People's 2020 "Beautiful" issue.
Hudson, Hawn, and Hudson's daughter Rani Rose, pose for the cover of People's 2020 "Beautiful" issue.People Magazine

In an interview with People magazine, Hawn recalled the day she was riding down the freeway, headed to the hospital and the baby-on-board suddenly made her presence felt — and then some.

“She kicked me so hard in my vagina that I changed her name right on the spot, because she was tough,” the tell-it-like-it-is 74-year-old revealed.

And as far as Hawn was concerned, that’s the moment she knew she was about to bring Kate Hudson into the world.

“I had named her Rebecca and on the 405, I went, ‘This is a Kate,'” she continued.

The rest is generation-spanning Hollywood history — now with another little girl in the mix. In 2018, Hudson and boyfriend Danny Fujikawa had a daughter of their own, Rani Rose, who appears alongside Hudson and Hawn on the People cover.

And grandma Goldie was there for that birth, too.

“I was right there,” she said with a laugh. “I was a little bit close.”

Not a problem, according to Hudson, who told the magazine, “Every part of that birth was just so beautiful.”