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'Golden Sisters' fuss over fame, memories, menopause and more

Now that they're stars of their very own reality TV show on OWN, "Golden Sisters" Mary Bartnicki, Josie Cavaluzzi and Terry Dahlquist are household names. But while fans remember them, the ladies don't always remember why.

"It's embarrassing because we forget that we're a little famous," Mary admitted during a Wednesday morning visit to TODAY. "We forget and they go, 'Mary!' And I go, 'How the hell do they know me?!'"

But once she and her sisters get over the initial surprise, they're only too happy to answer questions from fans — which is exactly what they did on TODAY when viewers tweeted their questions for the senior siblings.



"We get closer and closer with each other, because we don't have that much to do," Mary responded.

"I think as you get older, you reflect more on your life and you get closer, and you speak about your parents — you talk about your parents a lot," Josie added just before Terry broke in with, "How they could have done a better job!"



As it turns out, the sisters didn't have a single bad thing to say about menopause.

"The thing that I loved most about menopause was that your menstrual period stops," Josie said with a smile. "If you're a woman, you know how wonderful that is."

None of them ever experienced hot flashes, but Mary offered up some advice for women who have it harder. Forget about it.

"Keep busy and don't think about it," she insisted. "'Cause if I told my husband, 'I have menopause,' he'd tell me, 'Keep quiet. Do what you got to do. Never mind.'"

As for perimenopause, Mary doesn't think that even exists. "That's an excuse!" she said of it.



"She can't hear," Terry said of Mary.

Well, evidently she could hear that, since Mary shot back, "Oh, neither can you, Terry!"

Actually, all three sisters own up to some hearing loss — and little more.

"Even our memory is not like it used to be," Terry pointed out.

"Mine is fine, Terry," Mary argued. "You forgot to come to the house yesterday! ... She was supposed to come to my house. I said, 'Where are you?' I put the air conditioner on purposely for her. ... I pick up the phone, I go, 'Where are you?' 'Ooh, I forgot.' Oh, I hung up on her. Oh, man. I shut off the air and turned the fan on."

That's when TODAY's Willie Geist asked the "Golden" girls a question of his own: "Ladies will you come back all the time?"

Here's hoping they take him up on the open invitation!